Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday: Edmonton, Bedrooms, and All Things Tufted

One: Edmonton

Our tickets are booked! 
You might remember that just over 6 weeks ago, my adorable nephew, Daniel, came into this world.
His little face makes my heart melt. 
Because they live in Edmonton and we live in Ontario, the Husband and I have yet to meet our little nephew. And, I’ll admit it. It sucks. I may talk to my sister almost every day and get all manner of updates, but it almost doesn’t seem fair that I have yet to have a chance to hold him and feel his squishy babiness, to touch his smooth head, and let him wrap his baby fingers around mine. I love this little guy from afar and I’ve never even met him. 
So, I am super excited that our tickets are booked! Waiting for our trip to finally arrive though? That’s a whole ‘nother story.
We will be there for five days though. And some of those five days, I know we’ll have to give the little family their space. So, what should we do in Edmonton? What should we see?

Two: Bedrooms

Well, this one in particular:

I love pretty much everything about this bedroom. The colourful sheets, the neutral gray walls, the shag carpet, the lamp on the leggy bedside table, the vintage clock and the wicker stools at the end of the bed. It’s simple, it’s colourful, it’s completely my style. 

Three: All Things Tufted

Just yesterday, Lindsay shared this:

It’s true that she was showing off the new mirror and prints on the table, but my eye was drawn to what was below. I have been falling further and further in love with tufted furniture of all sorts. Couches, ottomans, benches, chairs. Anything. They’re not the kind of furniture you can flop into and sink into a cloud of cushion, but I love the way they are sophisticated without taking themselves too seriously. I mean, how can they take themselves too seriously with so many fabric covered buttons and lines?

Please follow!