Putting the Dishes Away: Bookshelves are for Books

Change is refreshing.

Take this weekend, for example. It was a weekend of the unusual, no sitting around and drinking coffee and waiting for the week to start again. There was Shakespeare, girl talk, gelato and beer. Then, there was camping, family, a simple wedding, plenty of sun, a few pages of a book I’m finding delightful and sad. Now, this morning has arrived, Monday, back to work, back to routine, and I feel refreshed and ready for it.

Similarly, moving things around in the house seems to refresh it. After I asked for your thoughts about our dishes shelf in the kitchen, I started thinking about where I should put the shelf after I cleared all the dishes off. Originally, I had assumed it would end up in the dining room, tucked into a corner and filled, in the most disorganized way possible, with the books that are overflowing from our little cheap bookshelves. But then, I looked around our living room and fell in love with a different location. As soon as I had decided, I couldn’t wait.

Of course, moving the bookshelf out of the kitchen and into the living room, required the rearrangement of not just one other piece of furniture, but two. I moved books and shelves and little side tables and plants and, finally, half an hour later, called on the husband to lend me his muscles and take the opposite side of the bookshelf. Now, this is where we’re at.

The kitchen feels a little odd now. Occasionally, I still turn towards where the shelf was to put the dishes away and I still find myself staring blankly around the kitchen wondering where I’ve put my coffee mugs, but we’re getting used to it and we’re loving the openness, the lack of a visual barrier that used to exist from the front door to the back.

I love the way the bookcase looks in the living room, creating a mini library of my favourite books right beside my favourite chair.

For now, this feels right. And so very refreshing. You know how it is, right? How a simple change re-energizes more than one could expect.

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  1. Love the change! Your kitchen looks much more open (love that you're storing your step stool in place of the shelf). The bookshelf looks great in the living room.

    We also keep a bookshelf in our living room. It's home to a lot of the items we didn't really have a place for (movies, video games, a few books, and surprisingly, our printer). It's so nice to have in the living room for some extra storage and can easily be re-purposed if we ever change our minds about the set-up of the furniture.

  2. I love how a simple change can make a huge difference – I organized a closet this weekend and I feel like I can take over the world!

    The bookshelf looks much happier in the living room. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really like the cutie little stool, but it looks like it's still in the way of where you walk..you may move it out of the way, what do I know, but I have visions of it hanging on the wall like the Amish hang their chairs. Kind of like a useful piece of art and out of the way but handy when you need it.

  4. Precisely the plan, Terri! Yes, the stool is kind of still in the way, but it's not nearly as bad since the shelf was so much wider than the stool. Eventually, I'll add two decorative hooks to the wall right there and perhaps a nice big piece of art just above it and hang the stool up off the ground.

  5. Hahaha! I can totally see how the mistake could be made. It actually came from the Brick, among the first furniture we bought as newlyweds. We loved it on sight or we wouldn't even have bought a book shelf. It wasn't like we needed one…

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