Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday: Sock buns, Yellow, and a Lament for Fabric

One: Sock Buns

Since the weather has been so hot and humid, I have been desperate to get my hair up and off my neck as often as possible. Recently, a coworker mentioned she had discovered sock buns and, while I knew about them and love how they look, I realized I had never actually attempted to figure out how it works and try it myself.

I remedied this on Tuesday thanks to Mr. Kate and have done nothing else with my hair since.

Two: Yellow

Lately, I’ve been falling in love with yellow rooms. They’re so cheerful, colourful, but not overly so, when done right. 
I have heard, though, that yellow can easily look cheap. I have no idea why and I absolutely don’t agree. But, what’s your take on it?

Three: Fabric and Fabricland

Fabricland North York is closing. I am sad about this.

I am not sad about this because I’ve bought a lot of fabric from Fabricland. In fact, even when we lived across the street from it, I only ever purchased 3 yards of one beautiful satin print.* 
But I am sad about the closing of Fabricland because, while there are so many options for picking up fabric online these days (! Tonic Living!) I am suddenly at a loss as to where I can buy fabric in person that is easily accessible and affordable. 
I used to buy all my  fabric from the $1.99/yard bin at Walmart. I don’t even know where the nearest Walmart is. And do they even still have fabric sections? Where else can I find such cheap fabric? And where do you buy your fabric?  
I also purchased a pattern for a really cute dress, brought the whole lot to the front to pay, had the person behind the desk squint at the pattern, squint at me, and then ask if I was certain it was my size. I said yes and she whipped out a tape measure, declared it not my size and got me the size range up. The finished dress was so big I couldn’t even bring it in enough to salvage. All that beautiful fabric ended up in the garbage after haunting my closet for 6 months.
Dear employees at fabric stores: just because a customer looks to be younger than 60 years old, it does not mean that she has never made herself a dress before and therefore doesn’t know how to pick out the right sized pattern.
Dear self: grow a damn backbone and trust yourself to get these things right. It’s not like it’s your first time sewing or anything.
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