Three Things for Thursday: Sock buns, Yellow, and a Lament for Fabric

One: Sock Buns

Since the weather has been so hot and humid, I have been desperate to get my hair up and off my neck as often as possible. Recently, a coworker mentioned she had discovered sock buns and, while I knew about them and love how they look, I realized I had never actually attempted to figure out how it works and try it myself.

I remedied this on Tuesday thanks to Mr. Kate and have done nothing else with my hair since.

Two: Yellow

Lately, I’ve been falling in love with yellow rooms. They’re so cheerful, colourful, but not overly so, when done right. 
I have heard, though, that yellow can easily look cheap. I have no idea why and I absolutely don’t agree. But, what’s your take on it?

Three: Fabric and Fabricland

Fabricland North York is closing. I am sad about this.

I am not sad about this because I’ve bought a lot of fabric from Fabricland. In fact, even when we lived across the street from it, I only ever purchased 3 yards of one beautiful satin print.* 
But I am sad about the closing of Fabricland because, while there are so many options for picking up fabric online these days (! Tonic Living!) I am suddenly at a loss as to where I can buy fabric in person that is easily accessible and affordable. 
I used to buy all my  fabric from the $1.99/yard bin at Walmart. I don’t even know where the nearest Walmart is. And do they even still have fabric sections? Where else can I find such cheap fabric? And where do you buy your fabric?  
I also purchased a pattern for a really cute dress, brought the whole lot to the front to pay, had the person behind the desk squint at the pattern, squint at me, and then ask if I was certain it was my size. I said yes and she whipped out a tape measure, declared it not my size and got me the size range up. The finished dress was so big I couldn’t even bring it in enough to salvage. All that beautiful fabric ended up in the garbage after haunting my closet for 6 months.
Dear employees at fabric stores: just because a customer looks to be younger than 60 years old, it does not mean that she has never made herself a dress before and therefore doesn’t know how to pick out the right sized pattern.
Dear self: grow a damn backbone and trust yourself to get these things right. It’s not like it’s your first time sewing or anything.

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  1. Im so sad about Fabricland too! I only just got a sewing machine in May and now I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me! Especially since I do not have a car and this fabricland was on the subway line. The fun part was everything was 40-50% off leading up to the closing. I should have stocked up…

  2. Not a loser! It takes a bit to get the sock bun looking good I think. My standards are pretty low, so I'm ok with a bit of a messy bun, but it can be a little challenging to make sure that the sock is completely covered with hair.

  3. Ooh, that's too bad! As far as I know, the sale is still on! Last time I was in there, I asked and the sales person said they were open until the 31st of July, so you still have time! And, it's up to 60% off!

    There is another Fabricland that's about a 10-15 minute walk from the Warden subway station. Not sure if that's an option for you. I'll definitely be checking it out one day soon.

  4. If Barrie's Fabricland closes I will be heartbroken. While I do love Tonic Living, I find it really helpful to go in and actually see the size of a print and the feel of the fabric.

  5. Not to mention: Most of the major commercial pattern makers put stupidly crazy amounts of ease in their patterns. So even if you get the "right" size it's often wrong.

  6. Fabricland North York is closing!? Is that the one near steels and yonge or the one on sheppard and yonge? We are in desperate need of fabric to make some pillows! Don't be so hard on yourself, just go with it next time and trust your instinct!

    Sock bun….LOVE this method, this is the only hair I do when Im working at a wedding, it looks elegant even when you feel gross after prepping for the wedding! But I do it a little differently, I pull the sock all the way to the root of my head. Spread the hair evenly and put a hair tie around the sock. With the extra hair…I twist and pin it all the way around.

    Absolutely adore the yellow room, besides Grey is our favorite shade/color, yellow is next 🙂 like you said…super cheerful and bright.

    Great post girl!

  7. Sheppard and Yonge. I have also learned there is one at Dufferin and Orfus, which the website also calls North York. Perhaps all is not lost after all. That location may even be better for me!

    I am definitely going to try that method! Twisting the extra hair into a band would look amazing.

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  8. aww that sucks your fabricland is closing, on the plus side they'll probably have tons of great deals. When one of ours was closing we scored so many awesome deals we walking out with a couple garbage bags worth of fabric that i'm still using. The walmarts around here haven't sold much fabric wise in a long time, I used to love the $1.99 bin. I get most of my cheap stuff in the fabricland bargain section. Thankfully we have 3 nearby and 3 more withen a half hours drive.

  9. oh yes don't feel bad about the pattern size, for some reason they always make them with a lot of give, as if people don't like wearing clothes that fit properly

  10. They do! It's up to 60% off right now! I'm hoping to drop in tonight to see what's left, but I don't have my hopes too high. Last time I was in, things were already getting pretty well picked over and that was two weeks ago.

    I have now done my research and it looks like there are still two that I can get to with relative ease.

  11. No Jo-Ann fabrics in Canada? Our Wal-mart also used to have great clearance fabric but most Wal-marts removed the fabric section in favor of more food products. I get most of mine at Jo-Ann's or my recent project has been destroying used linens. My aunts and grandmothers don't need 15-20 tablecloths so they get passed down to me. I like to use flannel in quilts so I think some of the softer cloths will work well. I also like the price of free for several yards of fabric. I have a few lacey linen ones that I want to turn into a lace dress. Want/probably won't, but it seems like a possibility.

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