Open Shelving, Dishes, and A Request for Advice

We had a remarkably disappointing thunderstorm last night, a thunderstorm that dropped maybe 10 minutes of large, fat, but gentle rain drops. I don’t even want to talk about the state of my garden.

I do, however, want to talk about my kitchen.

When we first moved our heavy bookcase onto our main floor, I had it placed in our kitchen. This was partially for simplicity sake – it’s heavy, and I felt bad for my poor husband and our helpful friend who were moving it. The kitchen isn’t particularly far from the basement stairs, which is where it had been before. It was also partially because I am short, could not easily reach the cupboards above my head, and therefore, felt like I had limited shelf space in the kitchen. I wanted more.

But now, I have a stool.

And, admittedly, the shelf is placed somewhat awkwardly. It’s not bad. There’s plenty of space to get around it. But it does feel a little bit like a twist and a dance maneuvering past it’s 15 inch depth, especially when one is carrying a laundry basket from the front room, where the laundry machines are, to the back room, where our bedroom is.

Is it time to consider relocating my dishes to the cupboards, get rid of the bookshelf and give ourselves some space to breath, to move? What do you think?

Please follow!