Open Shelving, Dishes, and A Request for Advice

We had a remarkably disappointing thunderstorm last night, a thunderstorm that dropped maybe 10 minutes of large, fat, but gentle rain drops. I don’t even want to talk about the state of my garden.

I do, however, want to talk about my kitchen.

When we first moved our heavy bookcase onto our main floor, I had it placed in our kitchen. This was partially for simplicity sake – it’s heavy, and I felt bad for my poor husband and our helpful friend who were moving it. The kitchen isn’t particularly far from the basement stairs, which is where it had been before. It was also partially because I am short, could not easily reach the cupboards above my head, and therefore, felt like I had limited shelf space in the kitchen. I wanted more.

But now, I have a stool.

And, admittedly, the shelf is placed somewhat awkwardly. It’s not bad. There’s plenty of space to get around it. But it does feel a little bit like a twist and a dance maneuvering past it’s 15 inch depth, especially when one is carrying a laundry basket from the front room, where the laundry machines are, to the back room, where our bedroom is.

Is it time to consider relocating my dishes to the cupboards, get rid of the bookshelf and give ourselves some space to breath, to move? What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Open Shelving, Dishes, and A Request for Advice

  1. Hmmm I would probably move the dishes to the cupboard and move the shelf. Also you can try purging and maybe donating any dishes that you don't use. We did that recently because we are moving soon and let me tell you, so many things that I haven't used in 3 years at least once was donated! (and I'm not missing them either šŸ™‚ Although I am clutter free kind of person and love having as much open space as possible.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Danica! We purged last year when we bought our new set of dishes. It felt amazing to box up all those mismatched Ikea dishes. We haven't quite got to donating them… We only bought a set of 6, so our old dishes have come in useful a time or two when we've had to serve more people.

  3. I have a huge wardrobe in my kitchen which houses cookbooks, a laptop, and table cloths, etc… It does fit, and looks pretty decent, but I also have problems moving around it with laundry or whatever! I often think I should do something with it, but as of yet, I haven't!

  4. Put the dishes in the cupboards! But don't get rid of the shelf just yet (maybe store it in the garage for a little while if there's room). Try out the change for a few weeks and find out if you like having to take out the stool each time you want to get the dishes down. If you don't like it, the shelf is still there. Also, as Julia suggests, you could re-purpose the shelf for items such as cookbooks and tablecloths.

  5. Oh, I have no intentions of getting rid of the shelf completely! Just out of the kitchen. And it's too good to live in the garage. If we relocate our dishes, it will move to live in the dining room. And be filled with books. My shelves are overflowing…

  6. If you put the dishes in the cupboard and move the shelf, there will be more room for Liia, (and her tail), when she comes to visit!

  7. Isn't it funny how we complain about no rain? I don't want to talk about my grass either!

    From that pic, I can see a little bit of your kitchen, which looks quite elegant. The bookcase does seem out of place next to it, and not mention it does block the thruway. I would move it.

  8. I think that since you have such a lovely little stool (and can actually reach the dishes in your cabinets now) you should move it. Your kitchen really is pretty and I think it would open up the space a little more. That's my two cents!

  9. I saw move it elsewhere especially since you have a stool to get to those high places! It will definitely free up that space!

  10. Looks like everyone covered my opinion already šŸ™‚ On a side note… I like your couch. We're in the market for one and it caught my eye!

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