Things for Thursday

Three Things For Thursday: Heatwaves, Bathrooms, and Portraits


I am ridiculously grateful that this heatwave has finally broken. The temperature of our house hit 90* at the highest this past week. This morning, it was a relief to read a mere 77* on the thermostat.


We have two bathrooms in the Project Lift-The-Roof plan. That means two more chances to pick out tile, shower surrounds, vanities, sinks, mirrors, toilets, bits of bathroom decor. These days, I’m thinking at least one of those bathrooms is going to get a beautiful floor of hex mosaic tiles.


Recently, Brittany of Gallery No. 8 shared this portrait on her blog. I love it. The high contrast is striking, the crisp detail of her face against the vagueness of her hair and clothing draws me in to the painting. 

But then I got thinking. I have no idea who this woman is. Likely, she’s not a real woman, but either way, she has a personality, expressed in the expression on her face, in her choice of attire, in her hair style. She may be fictional, but there is a person represented in the painting. A person to whom I have no connection.

Is it a little weird to hang a portrait of a stranger on ones wall?

Do you have portraits in your home? What’s your take?

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