Three Things For Thursday: West Elm, iYellow Wine Club, and how blogging is media

Today’s Three Things for Thursday post is all about West Elm and wine. Last night, the Husband and I met downtown after work and went to iYellow Wine Club Presents +Design Series brought to us by Crush VQA Wines, and hosted by the iYellow Wine Club at West Elm in Liberty Village. We wandered the store with a glass of wine in hand, drooling over everything, imagining filling our home with West Elm goodness, knowing full well that no purchase made sense just right now.

One: On Being Media

I was invited to this event because I blog. And because I tweet. And because I instagram. In other words, I was invited specifically so I would write this post and get iYellow Wine Club’s name out there, all while sharing low quality camera phone shots of amazing West Elm stuff. When I introduced myself to the person at the door with the list and was met with an exclamation of “Oh! You’re media!”, a little thrill went through me.

My power as a blogger, as a writer, as a journalist had been recognized.

Empowering, yes. Validating, yes. Encouraging, most definitely. Have you ever had a similar experience?
Two: West Elm

I love West Elm’s stuff. I really truly do. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a while yet before any of it actually finds its way into my home. I get that it’s great quality. I get that it’s worth the money. At this point in time, though, I just can’t justify it, even with the extra 10% off coupon they handed us as we walked in the door. Sure, we’re not in the middle of renos right now, but we likely will be in six months. Why would we drop a significant amount of money on something that may not even fit in our space once we’re all done?
That didn’t stop me, however, from wandering around and filling my head with so much inspiration I felt like it was going to explode by the end of the night.

There were couches and coffee tables to fall in love with, bedding and pillows to drool over, dishes and cutting boards to long for, and real, live succulents to wonder at. The whole store was a bit of a delight.

Three: Shopping with the Husband

It took a picture of these at the beginning of the night, thinking they were kind of cute and kitschy, with just enough retro flair to take the cheese out of them.

As we started to head out the door, the Husband picked up one of the plates, looked at me, and said, “Never buy something like this, ok?”

I laughed and reassured him, but pointed out that I could totally see them working if I were just a little braver with my decorating. Perhaps at a cottage. If we were rich.

Later, as we settled into a burger at our local patio (Seriously, was the weather last night not absolutely perfect for outdoor lounging?), I thought a little bit about our shopping dynamic. The Husband was happy to be my arm candy for the night, to be introduced to a few of my blogging friends (Nicole! Lindsay!), and hem and haw over duvet covers and porcelain bowls. This is definitely a topic for another, more in depth post, but last night, I was grateful for him.

Even if he couldn’t see any place for the owl plates in this world.

0 thoughts on “Three Things For Thursday: West Elm, iYellow Wine Club, and how blogging is media

  1. I like the plates with the tree on them. I'm not sure I'm too fond of the owls though. Having a few different dishes makes for more interesting food photos! (That said, I really need to collect a few interesting dishes…)

  2. Arrrrrggggggg, so jealous!!! Wish I had been there (kids: they wreck everything! LOL) Looks like you a had a great time 🙂

  3. I like the one with the little owl, not the big one. And, honestly, I would NEVER buy them for myself. I admire them as cute, but ultimately, there's better dishes out there.

    The husband and I had that exact conversation!

  4. I wish we had a West Elm store in Calgary. I love looking through all the items on the web, but it isn't the same! Those owl plates are adorable, but I think just a few as appetizer plates or something would be enough. Glad to have found your blog via Hodge Podge. I like connecting with other Canadians!

  5. This was my first time in the West Elm actually! I think it's pretty new in Canada in general, so perhaps they'll be opening one Calgary soon?

    Yeah, I don't think a whole set of the owl plates would quite tickle my fancy either. But, as I promised the Husband… I won't pick up even one. It's his house too, I guess… 😉

    Thanks for dropping by! I'll be checking out your blog too!

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