living room

A New Living Room

Because it looks like Project Lift-The-Roof won’t be getting anywhere close to underway until at least next year, I have approximately six months to have fun with our house as it is, small, a little cramped and all. Over the next six months, I’m giving myself a challenge: to make our house cozy and efficient and comfortable as well as pretty. There’s no sense in dropping all my attempts to beautify just because the whole place will be covered in a thin layer of drywall dust in a matter of months.

Also, I have an addiction to moving the furniture around.

If I think about it, I’ve always had a hankering for change, for a new setup. I remember looking around my bedroom one day as a child, rearranging the furniture in my head, then taking the whole afternoon to make the image in my mind reality. I woke up the next morning, having not alerted my mother to the change, nervous about how she would react to what I had done when she came to wake me up.

(She was fine with it.)

So, our home gets rearranged every two months or so. Usually, it’s the living room. The couch has lived on all three walls it could possibly live on and I still wasn’t fully satisfied. Last week, I decided we needed something a little more drastic.

We went from (something close to) this:

To this:

Our dining room became our living room, our living room our dining room. Now, this is the room you step directly into. There’s a little less open space, but there’s more coziness. The pathways from front door to back are a little tighter, but there’s more spots to sit.

While I say this move had nothing to do with the upcoming reno, it will, ultimately, have some benefits for our sanity when Project Lift-The-Roof gets going. The living room used to be in the room that will get the most shaking up. It used to be in the room that is ‘original’ to the house, the room that still needs to be finished, the room that will contain the stairs. It will be a room I will surrender to the renovation, closing off and sealing as the drywall goes up and the mudding gets underway.

My living room is more important to me than my dining room. Why would I surrender my living room to the renovation when I can just move it?

For now, I like it. Does this arrangement have longevity? Ask me again in two months.

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