Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday


This kitchen reminds me of my best friend’s single girl apartment.

Her place was on the second floor of an old farmhouse. It was a little rough around the edges, but the soaring ceilings and the huge rooms went a long way towards making up for the kitchen drawers that got stuck and the wonky little sunroom that was too hot or too cold for use. She lived an hour drive away from me, so we didn’t get to see each other terribly often, our own lives and commitments taking their toll, but I do remember sitting in her kitchen, mixing up homemade facials, painting our fingernails and toenails, chatting with excitement about my recent engagement, with anticipation for what was to come with her boyfriend, about our futures, our pasts, our desires, our struggles.
Sometimes, I wish we had shared more in those years, that I had spent more time in that kitchen.

You’ve seen my garden, right? I may be kind of obsessed. As I watered last night, I found the very first cherry tomatoes, ripened on the vine. I plucked them, brought them inside, washed them up and shared them with the husband. 

I’ve started doodling. 
I’m not sure why. It started out simply as scribbling down ideas for blog posts to come, things I didn’t want to forget about. And then, I started adding little doodles to the ideas. Now, I’ve actually pulled out my set of Prismacolors and it’s turning into full-blown, intentional… drawing.
I haven’t done any serious drawing in, oh… three years? I’m sure later, I may have some introspective ideas about this. For now, I’m enjoying the creative act, however casual it may be. 
Anyone else with doodle books and an intentional doodling habit?
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