Take 100 Year Old Cedar and Make Your Garden Beautiful

It was, once again, hot this weekend. Great for long weekend activities like taking long walks on the Don Valley trail and picnicking at the beach. Not so good for spending time in the garden pulling weeds.

I did it anyway.

I realized, as I pulled weeds, that I haven’t shared a garden update in a long while. In fact, the last time I shared a garden update, we were just beginning to plant. And we’ve changed plenty back in our little garden! The most important change, the thing that makes our garden feel like a real garden? We built a fence. A gorgeous fence. 

A few weeks ago, before they left for their long bike trip and left their dog with us, my parents dropped off four cedar posts and four cedar rails. These are remnants of a fence they removed from their farm, a fence they didn’t want and didn’t like. I am quite happy to take on their cast-offs, especially when their cast-offs are beautiful, 100 year old, well-weathered and worn cedar rails.
Being so old, the rails won’t take nails. They would crumble and crack on impact. Instead, we wrapped each connection in wire, which, surprisingly, holds these just a steadily, just as reliably as a good thick nail would. The little wire fence we had blocked the garden off with maintained it’s place just behind the cedar rails, directing Mocha’s wandering path away from the beds and down the centre of the garden. It’s amazing how much this simple fence keeps her out of the raised beds, out of our veggies.  
You may not guess from the dead flower in the pot at the entrance, but those veggies? They’re growing like crazy. I’ll be back tomorrow with a proper garden tour!
How are your gardens doing?

0 thoughts on “Take 100 Year Old Cedar and Make Your Garden Beautiful

  1. Love that fence! 🙂

    We got a huge garden with our new place, and it's been pretty neglected as of late. We could definitely use to spend a weekend pulling weeds if nothing else. Maybe B will do it while Halle and I are back in Toronto visiting…

  2. Beautiful! That really does complete the look. I gave up on my big garden – its like cement out there since we've had no rain – so I started a pallet garden along the north wall of my barn where the dogs had dug it all up. Pictures to come this week – its a little behind but I think it is really cute and watering is much easier. Plus the dogs mostly stay off the pallets. 🙂

  3. Thanks Nicole! I think next year, I may do some more plants in containers on our porch and such… container gardening provides its own challenges and pleasures – just as legit. I will definitely be watching out for your in-the-ground garden next year! 😀

  4. Thanks April! Too bad you had to give up on your big garden, but I totally get it. We're really fortunate that our soil is SO rich here, we didn't have to work it or add anything to it to make it decent garden soil. Also, pallet gardens are amazing. I kind of want one… I may do a bunch of herbs in a pallet next year!

  5. You guys have been way to busy exploring a new city! Don't worry about neglecting a garden too much. It's amazing how quickly a couple hours of pulling weeds can bring it back to normal. They're more robust than one might expect!

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