Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday


I like lace. It’s the traditionalist in me coming out. Sometimes, I wish I had chosen the lace wedding dress that was my second choice when I was in the depths of wedding planning two years ago. It was such a pretty dress. (Not that mine wasn’t. Mine was perfect. But, you know, sometimes I think about the other choices I could have made.)
Since I like lace, it’s no wonder I find this headband adorable. It looks simple enough to DIY, but considering it’s one of those things I may never get around to, perhaps I should just go ahead and buy it?

There may or may not be a serious house rearrangement coming. Am I the only one who likes to move things around every other month or so? Our house is tiny and awkward and I always feel like there is some better arrangement, something that will improve the flow around our couch and our coffee table, that will allow for easier organization and better breathing space. 
So, I rearrange, and two months later, decide the new arrangement just wasn’t cutting it. Please say I’m not the only one…?

Are you wondering why I’m going through so many pains to get this place organized when we should be in the depths of renovations again? After all, organization understandably takes a lower position in terms of priorities when your house is covered in drywall dust and you don’t have a roof, right?
We are making progress, but it feels so slow. This week, the Husband will be taking out paperwork into the city to make sure we have everything we need and submit it for approval. With building permits, we’ll be able to get started with the shell, the portion of the reno that must go as quickly as possible, what with lifting the roof off to raise the walls and all. However, those building permits could take five weeks or more to come! So, until it actually starts? I’m pretending as if it’s not happening at all.
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