Pink Please

Last night, I painted my fingernails pink. I was testing the cold water drying trick, in which you paint your fingernails, then stick them in a bowl of cold water for three minutes to dry them. (It worked, but not as amazingly as I may have expected.) I chose the pink purely for its annoying tendency to never fully dry, even three days after application.

Pink and I have an awkward history. When I was 6, I demanded that my tiny bedroom be painted cotton candy pink. I’m sure there was a time when I loved it, when I enjoyed the pink walls and my brightly coloured duvet cover. I suppose one might say I was a ‘girly girl’, though one could also argue that I was simply trying to balance the hard masculine nature of the farm on which I grew up with a little pink femininity. Subconsciously, of course, what with being 6 years old and all.

As I grew older, the pink faded, I scribbled on the walls in places, mismatched furniture came and went, my colourful bedspread was replaced with a new blue one that matched the curtains. Pink began to irritate. I was growing up, no longer a little girl. When I left home for university, pink and I were at such odds, I swore I would never like pink again.

And now, my fingernails are pink and I’m wondering if I’m changing my mind.

Can pink and I have some sort of reconciliation? Can we develop some sort of relationship now that I’m an adult? Something mature, sophisticated, chic, without being over the top or blindingly a reminder of pepto-bismol?

And how much would the Husband allow?

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  1. I've never been a big fan of pink either but as I hit my late 20's Ibegan to realize that for me at least pink in limited doses wasn't abhorrent. Pink became OKAY. Clearly you're friendlier with pink than I, or at least more comfortable. I imagine, if your man is like most, pink isn't exactly the color he wants to surround himself in. I'd suggest starting out small, ie. a pink vase, chenille throw, artwork that's got some pink in it, maybe a small lamp, or even smaller steps like a pillow that has some pink accent. I don't think you want to jump full in to pinkland since it's not a color you seem to be in love with.

  2. Pink and I were at odds growing up. My room was a plain white. No cute pink dresses or winter sweaters. I flat out refused to wear anything pink, including nail polish. When I got to university, I decided that maybe it wasn't so bad and made a pink tie-dye pillow case for my bodypillow. The odd time, I'll wear pink nailpolish, t-shirt, or shoes! Hope your husband will agree to at least a little pink in the home decorations!

  3. I feel like I disliked pink for the longest time, but I've really come to love it over the past several years, in small doses of course. It's such a versatile colour and I love how different shades of pink can evoke such different emotions (bright pink makes me feel happy, while blush pinks are so calming, for example).

  4. I think if you use pink as an accent color around the room would look great..but i think if you do a full wall it will be a bit too feminine … Maybe for your office, you can do pink? That'll be really pretty too !

  5. Once I get an office! There will definitely be a little pink in any room that is fully mine and not also the Husbands. But still, I don't think I could go full-gung-ho with a wall or whole room in pink… even though I do find these rooms to be gorgeous!

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