At 1:24 on June 19, my sister gave birth to this precious baby boy.


God is my judge. God alone.

I’ve never seen such a perfect face.

Over the past many months, I’ve been sporadically working on a baby blanket for this little guy. I didn’t know his sex, his name, anything about him except that he was slowly growing into a full-sized little human being. You got to see a sneak peak of it when I shared my new-to-me dresser a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, it’s not done yet. All the squares (42!) are finished and sewn together, but I have about 100 ends to work in yet. Unfortunately, the worst part of this? Mom, Dad, and Baby live in a whole ‘nother province, too far to drive, expensive to fly. With baptism plans in the works, I likely won’t be able to hand deliver this blanket until August. Obviously, that gives me a few more days to work on it. But, it will feel like years until I get to snuggle the brand new baby myself.

Congratulations B and JW! You guys are going to be a pretty awesome Mom and Dad.

And, I can’t forget the thrilled grandparents… D and Mom, I still think you should be Opa and Oma…

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  1. Congrats… to you and to the new parents!! So exciting…. and goes so fast! It's hard to believe Halle is almost 11 months… and creeping ever so closely towards her first birthday. I hope you get to spend time with him when he Halle's age, so much stuff to explore – so fun!

  2. I reeeaaally hope I will get to! It's going to be tough though. They're both doing their Ph.Ds right now and, when they're done, could move who knows where – even further away! I have my fingers crossed for back to Ontario!

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