Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday


Yesterday, I stopped in at Michael’s to pick up the last required ball of yarn for my sister’s baby blanket. It seemed so silly taking such a side-step off my usual route home for a single ball of yarn, so I wandered the store a bit, took my time in the yarn section, and came upon the crochet threads. Four days prior (as I was packing for our trip to SFO) I had stumbled upon my unused collection of tiny crochet hooks and mused to myself that really, I should make something with these pretty little miniatures.

So, I bought a ball of blue crochet thread.

I’m thinking I might make some jewelry.

Or maybe I’ll go a little old-school and make a hanging planter.


Years ago, when I was a little kid, my mom took a basket making class. At least, I seem to remember her taking a basket making class. I could be wrong. It happens. Either way, this memory – true or not – occurred to me for no apparent reason a few weeks ago and has left me with this odd, niggling desire to learn how to make a basket.

 It can’t be that hard, right?


To round off a craft-centric Three Things: I bought a glue gun.

For $2.99.

It better work or I am going to be very disappointed with my investment.

Please follow!