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A Rework

Over the past week, we’ve been collecting all your comments from the comments section of the post, from Facebook, we even got a few emails with incredibly detailed, well-thought out ideas! Everything was carefully considered and some incorporated into a new, revamped version of our plans. 
I kept myself very much out of the conversation on our comment board as you guys threw out your ideas. I wanted to hear what you had to say without being coloured by my own opinions and responses to other people’s ideas. So, this is, in a way, a collective response.

The Ideas We Listened To

Reader Ann suggested we turn the stairs at the top. The Husband read the comment and wondered why he hadn’t thought about it. We love it!
So many of you noted the lack of storage in the bedrooms. So, bigger closets!
Many of you also noted the lack of linen closets. This was my pet peeve about both the previous options. So, now we have not just one small linen closet for extra towels in the upstairs bathroom, but we also have a nice big closet off the hallway for extra bed sets, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous crap. 
Double sinks! We managed to work them into the master, but skipped them in the main bathroom. We figured it’s more important for the master bathroom since it’s the room that is more likely to host more than one person brushing their teeth at a time.
The Ideas We Didn’t Listen To

We love all of your ideas but some of them just didn’t fit with our lifestyle or our plans for the house. I’m going to list them here because I want to encourage debate. Are we making a huge mistake by not listening to these ideas?
A few of you suggested joining the two smaller bedrooms together to make one larger bedroom and allow some more space for the bathroom. Not a terrible idea. After all, those aren’t large bedrooms! But in the area in which we live, 3 bedroom homes are in high demand. Besides that, I’m looking forward to having a proper guest room and a designated office. I work from home once a week and a space to work that is not the breakfast bar or the kitchen table would be phenomenal.
Of course, some of you pointed out that we still have the bedroom we’re in now, so, technically, even with two bedrooms upstairs, it’s still a three bedroom house. It would have helped you to have known about this:
At the moment, the ‘Living Room’ is closed off with two more walls and acting as our bedroom. But, once we do this renovation, we hope to rip every single wall on the main floor out (except those separating the bathroom from the living space) and open it up. This will also solve the issue of our little house being able to support a four or more person family.
We also didn’t listen to those who encouraged us to make one large bathroom with a dual entrance. I kind of wanted to. Really, I did. It’s smart! You get a bigger bathroom, heck, you could even fit three sinks in if you really wanted to! Besides that, I’m a little uncertain about the whole three-bathroom-house thing. Isn’t three bathrooms a little excessive? But, the Husband won on this one. We’re in a neighbourhood of mainly older homes. We know that having a proper master bathroom is one of those little luxury items that will set us apart when and if we decide to sell in a few years.

What did we miss? Is there a huge glaring mistake we’re making that we’re missed? Do you hate it and think we should scrap the whole project and go back to our simple attic idea?

Again, so many thank yous for all your help with these floor plans and you encouraging words over the past week! I can’t wait to get this project off the ground!

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