Things for Thursday

Three Things For Thursday


In two days, my big brother is getting married. So, naturally, I come down with a cold.


Today, I am drinking plenty of tea with lemon and honey and trying to will myself better. After all, San Francisco would be a lot more fun if I wasn’t carrying around a balloon for a head and trying to pull my esophagus out of my throat every 10 minutes.


Did I say San Francisco? Yeah, I totally meant San Francisco. The pets and the house are being taken care of by the best tenants in the world and we’re off jet-setting across the continent for the weekend to watch J and L tie the knot.

We visited San Francisco last year, so we’ve already done a lot of the sight seeing people do when they go to San Fran. We will, however, be walking through the creepy halls of Alcatraz. We haven’t got a lot of time for sight seeing, but if we saw just one thing (other than Alcatraz) what should that one thing be?


Finally, a little eye candy. The Husband and I are still immersed in floor plans. Soon, we’ll be immersed in the legalities and logistics of the project as we figure out how to get a permit for this kind of renovation, as we find someone to do it for us (nope, this is not something we’re going to be DIYing!), and figure out a timeline. For now, though, I’m getting excited for the things our house currently doesn’t have that it soon will. Like stairs.

Aren’t these beautiful?

Our stairs aren’t going to have such a big turn in them (we haven’t the space for it) but I’ve saved this for inspiration anyway. The dark wood, the runner, the photos scattered up the one wall: in an undetermined amount of time, I will have a set of stairs too, to stain dark and line with memories.
Please follow!