What To Do: Dresser Re-Make

I am torn. 
The dresser that I purchased on Monday is gorgeous just as it is. In fact, I’m even kind of drawn to the way the string ‘hardware’ makes it look so old and neglected, like a beautiful piece that I have rescued from the hands of someone who just didn’t care enough to fix it. The patina around its drawer pulls, the scratches on the side, even the rough spots on the top where the finish has worn away seem to me to tell a story.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what that story is. 
So, I’m torn. Do I replace the hardware, a embrace the mystery of its past life? Or, do I sand it down, pick my favourite colours, and create a new work of art, embellish its surfaces with my own story?
I could turn it into something truly beautiful, something unexpected. A pop of colour, a rainbow of shades, or high contrast… there are so many different options, so many fun ideas peppered across the Internet that I could borrow and reshape and fit into my own home. But is a cleverly finished dresser more ‘me’ than the dark, history-filled patina that already gives the piece its charming character?
How do I compromise such desires for the old and the beautifully, newly finished? For now, I’ll embrace the old. But is that my permanent decision? 
Probably not.
(Update: This dresser was remade by fellow Canadian Renee from Eat.Live.Shop. Check out the transformation on her blog!)

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  1. I think the lines are perfect, and in the end you have to decide how the dresser best reflects you. What you will be happy living with day in and day out. I think it's great that you will take some time to figure it out… it's always best to live with something for a bit before you ultimately decide. Whatever you do, I can't wait to see! 🙂

  2. I really like the current look of the dresser, but a new paint job could really bring out the details. I think living with it for awhile is a great idea, as you can always decide to paint it later!

  3. I just found your site, and I look forward to seeing your decision about he dresser! I have 4 dressers in various stages of decay – all needing help, so I'm looking for ideas. My honey would like to just leave them alone (cuz of the character), but I'm getting edgy!

  4. Touch decision! I say definitely new knobs. Did you see Modern Jane's dresser makeover? She sanded it down and the natural wood with glass knobs looks awesome. Check out her blog (it's on my blogroll, can't remember the address right now). Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. this is my first time visiting your site AND eat.live.shop…..as i was reading this particular post, i thought your dresser looked really familiar! Renee did a fabulous job with this i think the colors chosen for the dresser is perfect and the handle is so nice, total match made in heaven! Where is this dresser placed in your house? Master bedroom/guestroom?

  6. Neither! It's in our living room, acting as our TV stand. I may draw heavily on Renee's inspiration when I get 'round to deciding what to do… she's done a great job of incorporating the natural wood and paint.

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