floor plan

The Next Big Project

The Husband and I had a bit of a debate about when we should share this. Now, or when we’re certain the project will get off the ground? If now, today, or wait until Monday, to optimize the number of people who will see this and, hopefully, share their honest opinions with us?

Now, today, won out. We’re kind of excited about the prospect, excited about the possibilities. I’m mostly excited about the space.
Last fall, I shared with you our plans to finish up the attic and turn the whole space into one gigantic, cozy master suite. We planned to do this over the summer. And then the winter happened. When living in a holding pattern, it’s hard not to keep your plans in check. And, well. We haven’t. 
We aren’t going to finish the attic anymore.
We’re going to take the whole roof off and build a second storey. 
I know, right? 
Over the past few weeks, The Husband has been working hard to learn how to use SketchUp and create floor plan and floor plan, considering all our options, dismissing many, starting over, shifting things around, erasing, scrapping, dreaming. Finally, we’ve narrowed our options down to two. 
This is where you come in. We want to know exactly what you think, which one you think is more functional, which one you would want to live with. 
Option 1

 Option 2

Yes, they’re very similar. The changes are subtle, but important. So. What do you think? What do your friends think? Your family? Your grandmother? Option 1? Option 2? None of the above? We want anyone and everyone’s opinions!
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