Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday


I have a doctor’s appointment today. I kind of hate doctor’s appointments, so I’m having a very hard time with this whole Thursday thing.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets super nervous any time a medical appointment comes around?


Gabrielle of Savvy Home (one of the BlogPodium bloggers I’ve discovered after the fact) shared this beautiful living room on her blog yesterday and I immediately fell in love with the couch in a I-know-I-could-never-take-such-a-risk-ask-that-but-oh-my-goodness-I-love-it kind of way.

And then, I got thinking a little more.
We have a black, faux-leather sofa. We bought it two years ago, just after we got married and, for the most part, we still like it. It was inexpensive, but a simple, basic piece that did the trick if I couldn’t have the gorgeous, white, linen, $2500 couch from Pottery Barn.
But. (Of course there’s a ‘But’…) Have you ever sat on a leather or faux-leather couch in the summer time? They get sticky. They make you feel hotter than you really are. They make you sweat. It’s not pleasant. So, I’ve been contemplating slipcovering the whole thing for the summer in a lighter covered fabric.
Perhaps a fabric with a bold pattern on it. 
See where I’m going with this?

I want to paint something turquoise.

Please follow!