Eeny Meeny Miney Mo

So, I have these two chairs, one half upholstered, the other still covered in a dusty pink suede. Admittedly, I haven’t thought too much beyond the excitement of the find. But I do have a basic outline of an idea for these two beauties. Or, well, a couple basic outlines of ideas.

Re-upholster both chairs in the exact same way. The fabric I chose for the first chair is called Varenna, a beautiful pattern from Tonic Living. Of course, I still need to finish covering the cushion – right now it’s wrapped up in a thin Ikea blanket which works just fine but doesn’t quite do the long-term job.

They’ll be pretty, matching, but complementary in their different styles. A decent option.

Finish re-upholstering Chair Number One in Varenna, but pick a completely different fabric for Chair Number Two. Go with something along the lines of a patterned neutral, or a bright solid that is completely different than Varenna. Embrace their differences and highlight it.

In all honesty, I can’t imagine how this option would actually come together. Everything I imagine seems clashing and wrong.

Find a solid fabric that is as close in colour to the grey or perhaps the blue in the Varenna pattern. Finish re-upholstering the cushion of Chair Number One in the solid. Re-upholster the body of Chair Number Two in the solid, and finish the cushion in Varenna.

Matching still, but complementary and contrasting.

Thoughts? What would you do?

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  1. Oh golly. I see your dilemma. I'm tempted to go with the same fabric for everything 'cause it's so awesome, but maybe hold out a bit longer and see if you can find something equally awesome for the pink chair? Admittedly, though, I'd nip idea #3 in the bud. Go one fabric for the whole chair!

  2. Tough choice! I think I would go with No. 1 but just because I am also scared of matching patterns. I am intrigued by No. 3 but I think that is just because I like the idea of the solid blue against your curtains.

  3. Can I vote on an option 4? I like your idea of adding a solid colour to compliment the Varenna (love that pattern), but if it were me I'd do one chair all in Varenna, and the second chair all in the solid colour. You could always add a throw pillow in the Varenna to the second chair to tie it all together (although I should warn you that I'm currently addicted to throw pillows after having finally started sewing again a last month!).

  4. Option 2 with either a solid or tiny, low-contrast pattern! I like your idea for picking up the blue tone. However, I actually like the coral with the rest of your color palette.

  5. I'm not going to be any help at all, because I think any of the the options will work….. and I really like the Varenna fabric you started with…..

  6. I think you should do a completely different colour and totally bold! 🙂 Like a nice coral colour….or, if you're more daring, a burnt orange colour. Bring a pop of colour into the scenario! It'd be super fun! 🙂

  7. I know going for all the same fabric for both will absolutely work. But is that too safe? Then again, it is a totally amazing fabric (and easy to work with too!) so maybe, in this case, safe is a good thing!

    Thanks for you thoughts! #3 was what I was leaning toward… Now, maybe I won't rush right into it…

  8. A coral, like the colour it currently is? I've thought of that too, actually! I mean… the second chair, as it is, is amazing quality and there's nothing really wrong with the upholstery. So, I have thought about leaving it for a while, fixing it up really well, and seeing how I like it as it is. Probably, I will do this as I finish up the first one. So, definitely an option!

  9. Definitely option 2! I love the current coral velvet so I probably would reupholster in something similar. You definitely don't want to be too matchy matchy as they are totally distinct chairs as you said! (PS thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  10. i like the idea of having a different colour (solid or very small pattern) on the second chair… and then have pillows or a 'throw' that match to tie it all together. maybe you could even somehow incorporate the Varenna (or other chairs fabric) in the room elsewhere.. possibly wrapped around a canvas frame as a wall hanging etc..

  11. I'm growing into that idea a little too! Ultimately, I've told myself I'm not allowed to start the pink chair until the first chair is actually finished, so they'll stay in their current state for a while. I have plenty of time to think about it and decide.

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