I feel a little bit like someone took my brain and drove over it a few times. As such, I can’t quite believe how much I’m looking forward to this weekend.

There will be plenty of sleeping.

image via the Pottery Barn
Followed by lots and lots of flopping back into bed. By which I actually mean testing out mattresses. 
‘Cause we need a new one.
And our second year anniversary is fast approaching.
So, we shall lie on a whole bunch of different mattresses, then put a blindfold on, spin around and point. And that shall be the one we take.
(Especially if it comes with that gorgeous bed frame.)
Happy weekend.

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  1. Hey! Sounds like a fun weekend. I just woke up from my first of (hopefully) many naps I'll have this weekend lol

    About mattress shopping: I don't know if you have a store in mind, but I would highly recommend you stop by Eglinton Town Centre and go to Simply Elegant (or maybe it's called Simply Elegance…). It's pretty close to you and it has *by far* the best prices I've seen for mattresses. I bought a mattress there 2 years ago, and I recommended the store to my sister who bought a mattress there last year. They've got free delivery too! I don't wanna go crazy on hyping it up, but the service was really great there too! Have a great weekend.


  2. Enjoy! I sooo envy your sleeping in… there won't be much of that this weekend. Then again, there never is with Halle around! We have a brand new mattress I would love to spend all day laying around in as well. We shopped around a few locations around here and got a Kingsdown Pillow Top… King Size. LOVE! Less transfer of motion and more space – we adore it! Have fun mattress shopping 😉

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