fish tank

Fish Tank

One of the things we saved from among the pile of our old things at my parents place was a fish tank. It was one of the few things of the Husband’s that found its way into our old barn storage two years ago. As he dug it out of a dark corner, I had visions of bright little tropical fish, fish with funny looking faces, fish, fish, fish.

Ours won’t look quite as good as these, but I’m hoping the introduction of a little water in our home will add an extra bit of texture, a little memorization.

Hopefully not too much algae scum.

Mark Dutka contemporary family room
LA JOLLA CONDO- DINING ROOM contemporary dining room
Oh. Pretty.
It’s surprisingly difficult to find decor inspiration that incorporates a fish tank, especially decor that complements my somewhat more traditional taste. Do you have a fish tank? Where do you keep it?
Please follow!