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One of the things we saved from among the pile of our old things at my parents place was a fish tank. It was one of the few things of the Husband’s that found its way into our old barn storage two years ago. As he dug it out of a dark corner, I had visions of bright little tropical fish, fish with funny looking faces, fish, fish, fish.

Ours won’t look quite as good as these, but I’m hoping the introduction of a little water in our home will add an extra bit of texture, a little memorization.

Hopefully not too much algae scum.

Mark Dutka contemporary family room
LA JOLLA CONDO- DINING ROOM contemporary dining room
Oh. Pretty.
It’s surprisingly difficult to find decor inspiration that incorporates a fish tank, especially decor that complements my somewhat more traditional taste. Do you have a fish tank? Where do you keep it?

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  1. In our old apartment we kept our fish tank in a through-way window that you could look into the living room from the kitchen. It was a useless space otherwise, but completely perfect (and out of the way) for a fish tank. We also kept our gecko there for a long while too after the fish "moved out."

    As long as you are familiar with nitrogen cycles, keep your tank out of direct sunlight and stay on-top of the water changes and cleanings, [med-small]fish tanks aren't that big of a hassle. 🙂

  2. I don't think I could handle a whole fish tank…my daughter had a betta fish for a while and it was great…no filters, feed once or twice a week, change the water when it starts to get gross, which could be done in the kitchen sink. But when her second one died of unknown causes, (the first died of old age), I decided I was done with fish until she's old enough to have it in her bedroom.

  3. Why is there always a 'like' between aquariums and men!!?? My husband wanted one years ago when our son was born. I told him that he can admire all the fish he wants in the lake at the cottage! Although the above photos do integrate water/fish into the decor quite nicely.

  4. I used to have a fish tank, but decided it was too much work. It was small and held just one beta fish for a few years. Cleaning takes a while because I had to condition the water, and the fish liked to jump out of the bowl (and into the sink) when I was cleaning the tank. Eek!

    Now a larger tank with one of those fish that eat the algae… that could be very pretty! There are probably more efficient ways of cleaning a larger tank that doesn't involve putting each fish in a tiny bowl while you change the water.

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