Remember This? Reupholstering Update

I started this project ages ago. Remember this montage of funny faces and a headband slipping further and further back on my head?

After telling you all about the chair and sharing the journey of ripping it apart, I wanted to appear awesome and come back with a full reveal of a finished chair, say, a month after I started it. Considering I started this in October, I’m pretty certain that full reveal might not be coming until, oh, 2013.

That does not mean, however, that my chair is still in a down-to-the-batting state. In fact, it’s in a perfectly usable, and therefore, even-less-likely-to-be-finished state. I might as well share how far I’ve gotten, right?

After your help, I chose the Varenna, Stone fabric from Tonic Living to reupholster it in. It’s been amazing to work with, not to mention beautifully soft in pattern and colour. I couldn’t have picked better.

It’s so close to finished, I know. So, where am I stuck?

  1. I want to finish the edges along the back with nail head trim so I didn’t have to figure out that other kind made with stiff, fabric covered twine. However, it’s proving more difficult to acquire than expected. I’m assuming Fabricland will cover me, but getting there has been neither easy nor convenient. One of these days, I’ll make a specific trip and eliminate this particularly excuse.
  2. That cushion. At the moment, it’s simply wrapped in a light blanket. Unfortunately, this works a little too well because it’s preventing me from actually figuring out the whole cushion thing. I keep balking at doing what I know I think I have to do with it because it looks hard
  3. At the same time, I’m not sure if I’m thrilled with my plan anymore. I was simply going to upholster the cushion in the same fabric as the rest of it. But, I like the way it looks with the solid cushion colour. In fact, Jen of Rambling Renovators had suggested, way back when I was looking for fabric choice help, that I consider a two-toned approach. Now, I wish I’d actually followed her suggestion from the beginning.

So, I have a little ways to go with this yet. It’s been a learning process for sure and I’m glad I did it. It might not look professionally upholstered when it’s done, but I think it will look passably finished. Occasionally, I wonder if I would do it again. Would I be crazy if I said yes, halfway through and 6 months in to this project?

Please follow!