Housiversary Celebration Four: What’s Next

Today is Good Friday. I’ll be spending the day at church and with family to acknowledge the sacrifice of Christ. That means this post was written yesterday! I know, crazy. I am sending happy Easter thoughts your way this weekend! I hope it is a long weekend full of blessings and rest for you, whether you celebrate or not.

Our future plans are always changing. How much more should we do with this house? Perhaps it will soon be time to move on to the next. Or is a new large project in order? An addition out the back? Something stacked above us? What about the basement? Could it, in some way, be improved?

Believe it or not, while every single one of these thoughts is on our mind, for once, we’re taking a step back and settling in instead of leaping into another big project. That is not to say, however, that we don’t have plans for this summer and this year.

The Back Patio

Because of the whole renovating thing, our back patio has never looked particularly clean, let along particularly nice. It’s merely a stretch of square patio stones that cover the space between our back door and our garage and between our garage and our neighbour’s shed. More often then not, there’s a pile of scrap wood, empty paint cans, or other random bits of detritus lying in corners and along garage walls and fences. I tried to plant a few flowers in the flower bed by the gate last year, but failed to pay any attention to them.

All in all, it’s time for a make-over.

The Back Yard

Beyond the back patio lies a stretch of open grass. Patchy, patchy grass. And beyond that, an empty space that is anticipating a garden. This one is going to be all fun, a combination of seeding, cutting, planting, digging, hoeing, weeding.

The Front Porch

This is a big one. The front porch, all in all, sucks.

It was poured poorly, tiled with a smooth, slippery tile, and let go to peel, become wobbly and start to kill our house’s curb appeal. Not to mention the exhaust pipes that stick out the front of our house beneath the porch.

When we first saw this house during house hunt, the porch fully turned me off. The basement apartment totally won me back, but those first few moments of looking at a house can be crucial for a buyer’s impression of a home. Now? I love our little house and think it’s adorable. But that porch? Originally, it made me thing the whole thing was absolutely hideous.

The Front Yard

Our little patch of concrete jungle didn’t help matters when it came to my first impression. See this?

Instead of grass for a front lawn, we have concrete. Not so nice. Also, not that easy to fix. It will be a labour intensive mess which, to be honest, we’re not quite sure we’re ready for. So, what is the plan? The plan is to figure out a plan.

I know. Such a solid plan, right?

Living Room

Most of our plans for this year are focused on outside which means that a number of months of the year are going to be devoid of big projects. After all, it’s pretty hard to rebuild a front porch or dig up patio stones while the ground is frozen and covered in a layer of snow. So, we have one indoor plan. Just one for this coming year.

The plan? To play!

Our living room, our ‘original’ room, has been largely untouched and plans for future big possibilities dictate that it stay mainly untouched. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t pull a mini makeover on this room with some paint, some carefully selected artwork and some creativity with the furniture! Plans here are vague as well, but I hope to make some progress with this space.

That’s it! When I write it all out, especially as I’ve just taken a journey back through our renovations of the past year, it doesn’t seem like much. But, in some ways, I’m looking forward to being able to take this summer a little slower, to have time to pause and dig my fingers into this dirt of ours, to take the time to sit on the porch with the Husband, the pooch, and a beer, to take the time for friends and family.

Bring on the year.

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