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On Saturday, three lovely friends and I took to the aisles of the One Of A Kind Show at the Ex. I was absolutely blown away by the show, yet went home with nothing. Why? I’m often an impulse shopper, but over the years, those impulses have not generally worked out so well for me. I am familiar with the concept of buyer’s remorse. So, since I had nothing in particular that I was looking for, I kept my fingers far away from my purse strings and snagged card after card after card.  But oh, it was hard…

There were these:

Fabulous blank books made out of old library books by Margi Laurin. I was drawn in by one made out of the cover of a Bobbsy Twin book. Do you remember those books? I gobbled them up until I’d read all the ones the library had to offer.
Then there were these pretty things by Atelier Trema:
Pear and apple vases, with a hole just big enough for a thin stick or a firm-stemmed flower. They were so pretty a delicate and not even terrible expensive for what they were. And yet, I resisted, which may have been a mistake with these… It doesn’t seem to be easy to order one off the artist’s website.
I was drawn in by all the wood at the show too. These guys – Le Temps des Cigales – stand out in my mind because of their business card, a pretty little piece of scrap wood into which they had burned their name and logo. The little piece of wood smelled delightfully smoky. 
The pieces were beautiful but, well… pricy. 
In fact, this was true about the show in general. I strongly believe the these artists and craftsmen and women deserve every single penny they ask for their art. The pottery coffee mugs I fell in love with every time I came across another display of pottery are worth the $22 each. The cute crocheted stuffed toys were worth the $35 price – at least. Nothing was ridiculously priced. And yet, I still resisted each price tag, moving quickly on from one booth to the next. Is this a symptom that remains from my university days? A symptom of the cheap, easily-accessible mass-produced merchandise with which I have become content? A symptom of the mortgage we’d love to get rid of fast?
No money spent aside, it was a grand afternoon. Kristin and I finished it off with a cup of coffee and a long chat at Balzac’s, then a walk through the sunlit city. Some of what I’ve seen at the show has stayed with me and, if it remains long enough, one of these pieces may very well end up in my possession at some point. Just not yet.

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  1. You're not alone. 🙂 I walk through the show and feel the same way. Things are expensive…at least for my pockets. At the same time, like you, I totally appreciate *why* they are expensive. So I walk the show soaking it all in. What I love to do is take the business cards, as since we are on a budget and watching our pennies, I'll revisit the sellers shops online at a later date and buy, if possible online.

  2. great recap…missed the show this year. But in prior years I know how you feel. You want the artists to get their worth…but man, sometimes it hits your pocketbook to hard. So my take is only if you REALLY love it….or save for something later!

  3. I definitely felt the same way you did. I know the artists work hard to produce their work and it definitely is worth it, but I also know that I need to be saving that money now (and the poor student in me definitely kicks in). I had to look at a lot of the pottery from a distance because I knew if I saw some of it up close I would be sooo tempted to buy and I definitely need to refrain from buying decor now. I did splurge on a pillow I've been eyeing for 1.5 years though…

  4. I had a wonderful time too. Wishing I had bought the beautiful wooden crafted toys. The price was so reasonable and they were so cute! We will have to go back for the Christmas Show!

  5. My mom gave me her Bobsey twin books that she got as a kid and I actually have that middle book.

    Janet Levis
    PS We had the OOAK show here in Ottawa an I got some really cool stuff that wasn't a lot of money.

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