One Of A Kind Show

Thanks to two amazing bloggers, April from Money Pit Love and Christine from Bijou and Boheme (Go read their stuff! You’ll love it.) myself and two friends are headed to the One Of A Kind show tomorrow afternoon. (I know… it seems greedy winning two giveaways at once, but my friends are grateful!) I have one other experience with the OOAK show, a fond memory of wandering the booths with my sister as a wide-eyed high school kid from the country in the big city. My sister is a master with a bit of wire, some needle nose pliers, an tiny anvil and a little hammer, so she was looking for inspiration at every single jewelry booth we could find.

This time will be different, but no less exciting. I can’t wait for Saturday, meeting up with my girlfriends and spending the afternoon wandering from booth to booth. Who knows… I might even buy something if it strikes my fancy.

Is anyone else going to be there? Send me a tweet @thisdustyhouse and perhaps we can cross paths, and say hi!

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