Things for Thursday

Three Things For Thursday


Someone gave us a $40 gift card to Chapters as a wedding gift. They know me well. The Husband? Maybe less well. Just a month or so ago, a coworker added to the Chapters moolah stash after I helped her out with a decent sized project. It’s about time I actually spent this money, especially since I can now do it from the comfort of my living room and have the instant gratification of loading everything onto my Kobo and reading right away.

So, last night, gift cards in hand, I purchased and downloaded The Hunger Games Trilogy.

This book (and movie) is creating buzz, especially among my youth group kids. I’m feeling slightly out of the loop, so I broke down, decided not to wait 8 months to get a copy from the library and slapped down a gift card. I started it last night and… I’m sorry, but was anyone else not blown away by the prose in this book? I mean, it’s not terrible, but it’s not as great as the hype has lead me to believe it to be. The jumps in time seem awkward and contrived and the back story of Panem seems spewed out without any kind of artistry. 
The story is engaging and I wouldn’t say I’m not enjoying the book. But perhaps my expectations for young adult literature are just a little too high.
After buying all three books, I have $32 left to spend. My twitter friends have been suggesting all sorts of titles. Do you have any to add?

Last night, in a fit of bored while I was buying books, the Husband pulled our range hood out of the closet and set it in the middle of the kitchen. As I got ready for bed, I asked him how long it would be there. 
Only until the weekend, he responded.
I interpreted that to mean that, by the end of day Sunday, our tile will be grouted and I’m going to have a range hood over my stove, gracing our tile backsplash with some more stainless steel goodness. I’ll admit, I’m actually a little worried about how the hood is going to change the feel of the kitchen. 
We went with Ikea for this, their Luftig exhaust hood. It’s pretty enough, but I feel like I’ve been so spoiled with a clear, empty wall, I’m nervous about giving it up. In the end, it will still be beautiful, right?

Because it seems to be kitchen week here at This Dusty House, I want to share this one with you. For no other reason than I think it’s gorgeous. Also, I’m pretty sure the granite is the exact same one we have. Also gorgeous.
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