The Mudroom: More Progress!

I am kind of in love with what this room will be. If we ever get it to the point of completion that I’m envisioning in my head, that is. But the progress is encouraging. The progress is beautiful. If not quite perfect.

There is paint on the walls!


I kind of wanted there to be paint on the walls after the first weekend of work on this. I have begun to notice a pattern: we start a project and I impose my unrealistic expectations upon it. Rip down some walls, move a bathroom, install a new kitchen and new floors, and paint every wall? Sure! A month, tops! Fix up a mudroom from a state of grunge and disrepair to beauty? A weekend! Duh.

We’re heading into the fourth weekend of mudroom progress without completion. As my expectations adjust, I know it’s going to take a few more weekends of work back there. And for now, we’re taking a break. But, I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made thus far.

What have we done? 
  • We continued the bamboo flooring out onto the upper landing. Right now, the rest of the landings and stairs (there are four landings, total. I know. Crazy.) are still unfinished but will be finished with other, more durable finishes. 
  • We put in new light fixtures.
  • We removed the radiator that used to live behind the door. It was too big, warmed up the small space way too much and was kind of in the way. We salvaged a radiator we’d taking out of our living room, pulled the sections apart and put only two, hidden away underneath the stairs.
  • We pulled out the old pantry cupboard and added in a new, larger, more efficient one in a different spot. 
  • We painted everything purple. There is a story behind this actually… I originally planned for grey accented with a bright, cheerful yellow. Makes sense, right? I had even picked out a pretty grey from my CIL paint chip book. And then, we went to pick up the paint and I left the paint chip book behind. I picked up something that looked gray, found a yellow, put the paint chips side by side, thought they looked great, and bought a can of each.

    It was purple. Most definitely purple.

    So, now I have a purple and yellow mudroom, which isn’t necessarily bad. But, at the moment, it feels like the purple and the yellow are competing with each other which, obviously, was never my intention. 

I’m confident that a little white trim to separate them and make them stop fighting will help. If it doesn’t, I will paint the door. Again.
Please follow!