Things for Thursday

Three Things This Thursday

You guys are amazing. That is all I have to say.


Maple glazed grilled chicken. Holy crap. This stuff is good.


We bought a barbecue! We’ve been putting it to pretty good use over the past few days. Hamburgers. Chicken. Asparagus. Steak. Mmm… barbecue.
Right now, our back yard is a bit of a mess with things we’ve pulled out of our mudroom, but sometime early this season we plan to get it into tip top shape. Which means even more barbecuing and maybe a little (or a lot!) entertaining. Which means we need something bigger than the teeny little patio table we’ve been using. Already our steaks were nearly falling off the table last night, vying for space with the salad bowl, the bottle of wine, two wine glasses and the barbecue sauce. 
I want something like this:
Except maybe sized for 8 instead of 16.
Of course I would keep it set all the time. 
It will always be immaculate.
Even in the rain.

I want to spend all my time outside. 
Yup. My garden is totally going to look like this.
Please follow!