Blogiversay One

It’s been a rough week and it’s only Wednesday. I’m sure you’ve noticed the silence around here. This doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot to talk about. In fact, there’s enough going on around the house that I could probably have filled up this week and next week with posts that are actually interesting. (Finally. It’s been a while.)

Instead, I started training for taking on a few new responsibilities at work and filled up my evenings anyway, despite being a little drained. Blogging took the back burner, as occasionally, it must.

And then, I realized that today is my blogiversary. One whole year of blogging. Can you believe it? I’m not sure I can. It’s been an interesting ride, full of ups, plenty of downs, a learning experience that sometimes, I can easily imagine living without.

I know I’m always curious about the behind-the-scenes of other blogs. More often than not, though, I find that this can be dangerous and discouraging. How does that 6 month old blog have 15 000 followers already? What’s so different about that other blog that got shot into the fame-osphere? What’s wrong with me? How do I get to be like them? As I hit my one year of blogging, I’m feeling a lot more discouraged by the progress of others than pleased with the progress I’ve made myself.

I’m an insecure blogger. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

As I hit my 1 year blogiversary, and as a rough week does its best to only heighten my insecurities, I want to talk about why I blog. Because really, as I stare at my numbers and bang my head against a plateau that’s lasted since the third month of this blog’s existence, I have to remind myself why I’m doing it.

I blog because I write. I write for a living and so I need to write for pleasure to balance it all out.

(Obviously – unfortunately – the writing for a living and writing for pleasure are two completely different kinds of writing.)

I blog because I share. I describe myself as a chronic over-sharer. I love telling people more than they need to know. There aren’t many aspects of my life that I am unwilling to talk about in the right context.

I blog because I want people to read what I have to say. I’m not one of those bloggers that started writing a blog in order to share their renovation progress with their family. Obviously, this blog does that as well. But I started this blog so I could reach out beyond my family and friends and create a connection with some anonymous reader out there. I blog to connect with the world.

One year out, this last reason for blogging has been the most rewarding. I’ve met new friends, made connections, found a community. I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

One year. 212 posts. I’m still blogging.

Fellow blogging friends, one simple question: why do you blog?

(Apologies for the no-picture post. I’ll be back tomorrow with some mudroom updates!)

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  1. Hey Nettie,

    Stop whining. You blog because you enjoy writing and it is a cool way to share with people who care. So do I. Do you think that the folks with 15000 followers are being read by people who really care what they are doing? Your blog is a fabulous success compared to lots of others. I lost a follower in the last month, Now there are only nine, but I know that all nine of them along with my handful of WordPress followers and the Twitter followers and the folks who visit without following (sometimes multiple times a day) all is some way care.

    Keep doing it…for yourself

  2. I know I'm only one person, but I read all your posts – including the ones from This Dusty Kitchen! Your blog also helped me figure out some organization in my own blog, in other words you inspired me 🙂 So, I hope you keep blogging for your own happiness even if you feel some disappointment with your numbers.

  3. Congratulations on 1 Year! That's a huge accomplishment!

    I definitely understand why you would be discouraged. I too occasionally feel like blogs are growing all around me, most of which have been around less time. Sometimes I wonder how they do it and other times I feel like it has to be because they're doing more plugging than I am. I'm not willing to stalk out the big blogs daily to make sure my comment is #1. I'm not going to shamelessly plug myself either. Maybe that's just me. Either I'll have followers or I won't (which I can say easily but don't really feel). I've held stagnant at 15 Facebook followers and 16 subscribers since month 3 of my blog. I'd love to have more for sure, but I guess it is what it is.

    I enjoy very much reading what you write. I've been following along for a while now, but only recently left a few comments. I also like that you blog because you like to write. It's a different, but equally great reason. And it shows in your post quality.

    So long comment short (seriously long…yikes) congrats on your 1 year. I'll be sticking around to read for sure!

  4. Thanks Brandi! Your comment made me smile. 🙂

    I'm totally with you – I hate shameless plugging, I hate commenting for the sake of hits. And this? "Either I'll have followers or I won't (which I can say easily but don't really feel)." YES! I know that I would write even if I had no followers because I love the act, the practice of it. But watching those stats? Sometimes, it sucks the accomplishment out of it.

  5. Thanks Tammi! I'm glad you're liking the kitchen addition! And it means a lot that some of what I've done here as inspired you. A. Lot. That kind of thing is way more important than a hit count. That kind of thing is why I blog!

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  6. Good for you! 212 posts in one year is wonderfully consistent. Most people can't hang with that level of writing. I really like your blog, by the way. I mostly read it through Reader, and I'm not that good with comments.

    I started blogging because I bought a house and knew I had a lot of projects ahead of me. I used to write more frequently, and I love reading other people's domestic blogs. It seemed like a natural fit. Sometimes I worry that I've shared too much, but the posts I'm most happy with are the ones that reveal more of who I really am.

  7. Congratulations on hitting the one year milestone! I have no idea what the secret to bloggy success is, but I love reading yours and I'm happy to count you among my blogging buddies! I think blogging can be very discouraging at times, but I know that after I quit my first blog I missed having my little online diary. It's such an awesome way to record what you've been doing, track your accomplishments (and lessons learned) and I love being part of a community of people who feel the same way I do about home improvement. Plus, your blog totally inspired me to take on installing hardwood floors (OK, I haven't taken it on yet, but I'm totally going to!). So keep it up! I think more followers will come, as long as you keep doing what you're doing, because your blog is authentic and interesting!

  8. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I feel insecurity about my blog, too, and sometimes I wonder why the heck I bother writing up posts. BUT I enjoy it and it helps me to make sure that I continue working on my house, no matter how small the progress is. 🙂 Oh and I'm also not willing to shamelessly put my blog out there in the hopes of getting more followers: I only comment on blogs that I genuinely like and if that gets people to stop by, great. 🙂

    Anyway, happy anniversary! I really enjoy reading your posts but sometimes you need a break, so don't feel guilty for letting real life get in the way. 🙂

  9. I myself am in a slump about blogging. I think we all write for the same reason that we love to share. And need to have an outlet. You're doing wonderful, keep it up! I don't comment as much as I would like there because Disqus is not available through my work. But I'm reading. Always 🙂 Please keep this up!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Hanging in for a whole year is quite an accomplishment; too often promising blogs fizzle out after a while :o( so I'm really happy you're sticking around, insecurities and all for the sake of keeping it real. Even if I'm not officially subscribed to your blog (I know, bad Micha, no cookie) I read every post; I just haven't figured out how to make subscriptions work for me :o)
    I myself am a family/friend blogger and baffled that others read and are amused/entertained/interested in my rambling so I ramble on. It makes for a great outlet to tell people all about your house, your projects and the 'hood, when your friends are tired of listening to yet another "this weekend I painted the trim in the … room; you wouldn't believe the prep work that was necessary…" ;o)~

    Keep it up! Here's to the next 365 days of blogging

  11. Happy Blogiversary!

    The numbers part of blogging is hard..and discouraging. But like you said, you have to focus on why you write in the first place.

    I'm trying to figure out how to write this without it coming across wrong/snarky/rude because I definitely don't intend it to be any of those. I read the comment about shameless self promotion, plugging your blog, etc. It's hard (and honestly…sucky) but it's part of growing a blog. It seems "wrong" because in real life….screaming "I'm awesome" isn't so cool. But people have to know your blog exists in order for them to read it. It's not that you aren't writing great things…it's that there are a lot of other people writing great things as well. You have to carve out that niche.

    I've also learned that blogging is a community. It'd be awesome to be one of those big bloggers who can just set their post and everyone reads. Us smaller bloggers have to rely more on relationships to help our blogs thrive.

    Again, I hope this doesn't come across wrong. I've struggled with the numbers thing and I've just recently found a happy place with it………this week.

  12. Thanks Michelle! Don't worry: a differing perspective does not mean snarky and rude! I always appreciate your perspective.

    To clarify, I would mostly agree with you while also still mostly agreeing with Brandi. Choosing to read and comment and take part in a blogging community because you are a blogger and want to further that community through your own blog – and as a result, grow your blog – is great. Building relationships is the most rewarding part of blogging I have found. It's definitely crucial to build those relationships to build your blog.

    The thing I don't like is when people comment not to build relationships and to participate in a conversation but just to drive traffic to an included link. I know how hard it is to get noticed. Essentially, this whole blog post is about that! Commenting on blogs definitely helps and I would never discourage someone from doing that. But I think there's a difference between shamelessly plugging and promoting by participating in a community and a conversation.

  13. Happy 1 year! I blog for myself really and the hopes that I can connect with one person. that's about it..don't look at the numbers…see how blogging makes you feel. You write well…and its a pleasure to drop by and visit!

  14. Yay! I agree with everything you've said here! The community found in the blogosphere sometimes blows my mind. I mean, take this post for example: I'm feeling a little down on the day I hit a big milestone and all of my blogging friends seem to gather to encourage and lift me up. Yup. Mindblown.

    Thank you!

  15. Thanks Elizabeth! It hasn't always been easy or, even, fun. But it has always, always been rewarding. Blogging is about sharing, right? I think if we share who we truly are, our blogs will be better for it. Thanks for the sweet comment! 🙂

  16. Happy 1 year.

    I don't have a blog myself, but read, enjoy and get tons of inspiration from all the creative people out there. I stop by your blog almost every day.

    So thank you for sharing and Greetings from Norway 🙂


  17. Great post! It's always important to remind yourself why you blog… most of us do it for ourselves, just like you. Happy 1 Year & Beyond! 🙂

  18. I just recently "found" your blog and I'm enjoying it very much. Keep up the good work – don't be discouraged as your "stuff" is good.

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