And now, for something completely different: orange and blue

I’m crocheting a baby blanket for my sister and my new little niece or nephew.

(She’s due in a couple months.)

(I’m just a little excited.)

(And, by a little, I really mean a lot.)

I don’t feel like I’m particularly good at picking out colours for things like baby blankets. Standing in the yarn aisle at Michael’s can be confusing at best, overwhelming at worst. Prices and colours jumble together and next thing you know, I walk out with an armful of colours I’m dubious about and a worry that I’ve become colour blind in the process.

But, for some reason, it always seems to work out.

Of course, I should have had no doubts about these colours.

I think orange and turquoise is my favourite colour combination. How could I go wrong? 
(I suppose she could hate it.)
(But I doubt that will happen.)
(Because it’s already 1/3 of the way done and gorgeous.)
Please follow!