A Change In Plans: Mudroom Ideas


Originally, the focus of the back mudroom was all pantry. I was dreaming of shelf after shelf of canned good, and canistered baking supplies and pasta. I was thinking along these lines:

Yes, I made this in Paint. My artwork. It is beautiful.

What you see here is a full wall, essentially of cupboards. There are eight 24′ cupboards represented here. Whoa, space! One half of the pantry would go to our downstairs friends. The other half? All mine. Perfection, right?

The plan was all set.

And then, on Sunday, my BFF gave me Martha Stewart’s book on organizing. (She is very aware that I am not an organized person. She is trying to save me from the havoc that is our home. Unfortunately, I think I’m a lost cause.) Of course, the book starts off with entryways, beautiful entryways, entryways whose purpose is specifically for entering into a home, for shucking off the outer layer and stepping through into comfort.

A pantry is not a great space for shucking off the outer layer.

A few hours before he was set to head to Ikea to pick up either 24 inch cabinets, the Husband messaged me.

Him: What else is going to go in those cupboards? Towels and things?

Me: Sure. And canisters. All the food. All my baking supplies.

Him: Oh.

Him: That’s a lot of space, isn’t it? Will there be any food left in the kitchen?

Me: Does there have to be?

And, then, I realized how ridiculous the whole idea was. It’s one thing to take all your extra supplies and stick them in a back room. It’s quite another to take all your supplies and stick them in a back room.

Him: I want a bench.

So, new plan, a new amazing, smart plan that makes so much more sense than what we had decided on before. And that will be prettier on top of all that, just as a bonus.

Four of the pantry cupboards stay and provide plenty of useful space for both myself and our downstairs friends. Since they’ll be using it as well, we will be required to keep out landing clear. This may be a challenge. A shelf and hooks replace the other set of pantry cupboards and a bench provides a space to sit and put on shoes. Presumably, this bench will be full of cubbies that will provide safe storage for shoes, out of the danger of meeting some puppy teeth.

I envision something exactly like this:

But maybe with a bench that looks more like this:
There is some more progress happening and I am incredibly excited about it. There’s also been some backward progress that I am much less excited about. But that’s a story for a different day.
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