A Little Greenery, Here and There: Kitchen Herb Garden Update

My herbs are growing!

Well, what did I expect? I mean, you plant seeds, they’re supposed to grow, right?

For a while, it was looking a little rough. I was a little negligent with my watering and they started to complain about not getting enough sun. But lately, they’re doing a little better. Good enough, in fact, that I decided it was time to transplant one to a proper pretty pot and see how it did.

I found this pot at the local thrift store. It’s brass, similar to my pretty watering can. I kind of love it. One problem, especially when it comes to herbs: it has no drainage. In fact, this kind of pot is probably more likely meant for creating flower arrangements in using one of those green foamy things. Y’know what I’m talking about.

To solve the drainage problem, I stepped out into our backyard and picked up as many stones and pebbles I could find. I filled the pot with about 3 inches of stones. It allows the water to drain through the soil and gather into the bottom of the pot rather than remaining in the soil and drowning your plant. This is the same technique used when planting cacti. I’m just hoping it works for herbs too.

Then, I filled the pot with dirt.

I made a little well in the dirt. For a moment, I felt like I was making muffins.

Gently, I popped a basil plant (Well, actually, three. I haven’t decided yet if I should thin them to just one. Thoughts?) out of its little peat pot and lifted it into the well. I patted the dirt around it, sprinkled a little more fresh potting soil over it and gave it a good watering.

It seems to be doing well in its little pot. But I’m nervous that my east facing kitchen window doesn’t get quite enough light for my herbs. Will they grow and flourish? Will I actually be able to use fresh herbs I grew myself someday sooner than later?

And, most importantly…

Will the cat stop lying down on them in their tray of peat pots so they actually have a chance to thrive and flourish?

No. I’m not joking.

0 thoughts on “A Little Greenery, Here and There: Kitchen Herb Garden Update

  1. Another option for providing drainage for your plant and still using your nice copper pot, is to find a plastic or clay pot that has a drainage hole in it, one size smaller than your copper pot, plant your seedling in it and put it inside the copper pot. Good luck with your herbs. You've got to find a solution for the cats, though. Can they get up on your shelving in your window frame?

  2. You'll want to wait until your seedlings have four true leaves before you thin down to one. If your east window is getting at least 6 hours of sun each day, your herbs should do well.

  3. Ah, yes, I've seen that before too! Had totally forgotten about it.

    No, the kitty can't get on the shelving. Once the plants are all in pots, it won't be nearly as much of a problem. And, if it is, I'll plant some cat grass to distract him!

  4. When you do thin them, just pinch off the top. You'll avoid root damage to the remaining plant. I'm not a blogger but I enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

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