Progress: The Mudroom

Two weekends we’ve spent on this space now. For the most part, I was on my own on Saturday, sanding and mudding, while the Husband worked hard at a quickly approaching deadline at work. I’m sure I haven’t made nearly as much progress as we would have together, but I’m feeling good about it, better than the frustration I was feeling last week. There are little signs of progress that encourage and keep me going.

Like the new light:

And, most luxuriously, the start of new floors:
If slowly, we’re getting there. I still have hours of sanding and mudding and painting ahead of me. This week, we’ll be attempting a little more high gear: our downstairs friends are gone visiting for March Break and while they’re exceedingly patient and accepting of our renovating ways, we don’t want it to inconvenience them too much. It’s my hope that, when they come back on Sunday, the changes will be noticable and welcomed.
Just looking at the work left to do makes me kind of tired.
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