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The Second Side of Frustration

Thank you for all your encouragement yesterday, friends! I love the part about blogging in which we all rally around each other, commiserate, encourage and believe in each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My big motivation in our back entryway project lies in developing a highly functional, beautiful, well organized pantry space. Seven or eight cabinets are magically going to join themselves together and appear on the wall to result in a spacious amount of shelves for can after can, box after box, bag of onions after bag of onions.

(I may or may not go through a lot of onions.)

If I were neater, I’d be content with open shelves so I can show off my mastering of organization.

I am not that organized.

Doors, therefore, are a requirement. And, since we’re not so fond of the idea of constructing our own boxes, we’re on the hunt for some cheap 24 by 30 by 12 cabinets. So far, Restore was a flop and Home Depot, Rona, and Lowes all failed us, one after the other. Where do we turn next? Ikea?

Even that, at $76 a cabinet (though, with doors!) seems like a pricy option.

In combination with the frustration with the amount of work this project has turned into, the amount of money it’s turning into is making me balk. This is our back entryway, after all! The mudroom! Nothing more than a space to kick off our shoes on our way into the house.

Renovations are expensive in more ways than one. Time, effort, money. And is it worth it in the end? I hope so, I really do. There’s no turning back now.

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