Things for Thursday

Three Things This Thursday


With all the seed planting and shelf hanging I’ve been doing, I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of pots I want to put my herb seeds in. I’d love to DIY this and I think it’s completely do-able. I need something with good drainage and decent colour to brighten up our white kitchen.

These, for example:

Or, less colourful perhaps, but these:
Or, perhaps a delightful cross between the two of my own making?

We have a wooden bed frame that the Husband has had since he moved out of his parents’ house. It’s a bit beat up and has a few odd details, but I kind of love its shape. The colour on the other hand… it’s stained a basic brown and, since it’s got its fair share of nicks and scratches, provides little inspiration. Since the day we got married, I’ve had plans to paint it. Or strip and stain it darker. I oscillate. 
This is what I imagine:
It’s one of those things I think about on a regular basis but know that it’s going to be a long time – or never – coming. So much sanding. So much painting. So much time.
Maybe I’ll start this weekend.

This is kind of sad. 
I still have no art on the walls.
Well, to say no art is a bit of a stretch. We bought a painting on clearance at Winners and hung it in our bathroom. It’s nothing special, but it adds some colour. And, I hung some empty frames with their frame picture (yup, the one from the store) inside on the living room wall, just to get them out of the way. But art? Nope.
And then, I take a wander through Tanya’s blog and get super inspired, followed by super envious, followed by super wistful. Who wants to paint me something like this?
No one? 
Fine. I’ll do it myself. Maybe. Someday. When I’m feeling talented. Or bored. Or… yeah, never happening.
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