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Wednesday Soup: Creamy Chicken Meatball Soup

This is the last Wednesday Soup I’ll be doing here.

But it’s not what you think. I’m not abandoning the food posts. Oh no. No no no.

Did any of you know that I used to write a teeny, tiny, minuscule food blog? I loved it. I loved the whole process, of finding something new to try, or mixing flavours to come up with something completely unique, of the careful chopping and mixing and baking and cooking, of the photos, and the writing, and the thoughts about food and the way it makes one feel.

When we started our renovation, all cooking and baking ended for about four months. We ate a lot of Kraft dinner, a lot of frozen pizza, a lot of take-out. I missed cooking.

But now, our kitchen is in full working order and oh, does it work. It is a dream spending time in that space and, more and more, I find myself returning to the process, returning to food. These Wednesday Soup posts reminded me how much I love not only making and eating food, but photographing and writing about it. Food is a conversation, a conversation I love engaging in.

I know some of you love my soups. Some of you prefer the house stuff. I don’t want to lose track of either.

So, today, I launch This Dusty Kitchen!

It’s not a whole new blog (though, in a way, it is), but rather a ‘subsidiary’ of This Dusty House. Everything I have to say about our home, decorating, renovating, and living in this space will be found here, as it always has been. Food, food, glorious food will be found at This Dusty Kitchen. Occasionally, in each place, in order to keep the space between the two thin, I’ll share what’s going on in the other space.

Today, pop over and visit for a soup recipe and check out what I’m doing over there. Let me know what you think and, in the process, answer me this question:

What kind of foods would you love to see me make?

What decorating and renovating topics do you want to hear more about?

And in the meantime, make this soup.

Please follow!