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When a Tuesday pretends to be a Monday… oh, what a brutal morning. My lethargic self refused – outright refused – to get out of bed this morning. I took transit in a fog. Arrived at my desk without knowing how. And got some decent news about a deadline that too the pressure off this fake Monday.

So, I thought I’d share a little money saving tip with you! (I know – such a natural segue, from Monday-Tuesday mornings to money…)

Here it is.

Cancel your cable.

(How many of those channels do you watch, anyway?)

And build one of these:

This contraption leans against the wall beside our TV. It’s made with some washers, some wire, some clothes hanger, and a couple specialized connector thingies all stuck to a 2 by 4. I know, it looks crazy and perhaps a little dangerous. But it works! See?

Two and a Half Men!
With this ghetto looking contraption, we pick up CBC (English and French), CityTV, CTV, TVO, Channel 4, Global, and Omni 1. In HD. Considering all the major shows are on those channels, and hockey is on CBC, what more could we need?

(To be fair, I truly love my Netflix subscription.)

The Husband is extremely proud of this antenna, partially because it saves us a good chunk of money every month and partially because it picks up HD channels and is, therefore, all the sweeter. He followed this tutorial. We went from 0 to 8 channels in about half an hour.

I know. He’s pretty impressive.

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  1. I'm always jealous when I hear people talk about how great their OTA service is. I live smack in the middle of Minneapolis, which means we can get 15 or so channels for free. The only problem – airplanes. We live very close to the airport, and get what people call "airplane flutter". When a plane flies overhead, we lose service for about 10 seconds. Not a big deal, but since planes fly over about every 3-5 minutes during the day, it gets annoying pretty quickly… I'm glad it works for you!

  2. Doesn't work so well in the country… My parents have been losing channels over the years. Now all they get is channel 8, the not-so-local-any-more TV station. They don't even get CBC! Fortunately, I've got them set up with Netflix and they've figured out how to watch their CBC news on the Internet with their Playbook.

  3. very neat & thrifty work-around 🙂 I remember watching CBC off of an old aerial my dad welded to the top of a tower as a kid.

    Not sure how much success folks state side will have… for some reason I remember something about "analog" (radio wave) cable being switched over to digital only or something. I could be totally off base though.

  4. Hmm… how old is your TV? I know you now need a digital converter. New TVs have these built in, but older ones don't. Perhaps that's why? No thrifty work around for that unfortunately… 🙁 If you like to watch whole seasons of shows, you should check out Netflix! $8 a month is way cheaper than buying DVDs!

    Being caught up on TV shows is over-rated. 😉

  5. ha ha amazing!! this is totally something my hubs would whip up too. If I didn't love all those specialty channels (HGTV, slice, W, Bravo, etc) I would absolutely do this. I think I should join reality TV anonymous — My name is Gemma and I love trashy reality TV 🙂

  6. We cancelled cable a few months ago, and I don't regret it at all. Netflix and online streaming has been absolutely perfect. Come to think of it, NONE of my friends have cable any more.

    My husband recently bought a small cheap antenna that sits behind the tv – it only gets our local station CKCO/CTV, though. A friend got someone to install an HD antenna on her house and she gets 15+ channels.

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