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Cancel Your Cable

When a Tuesday pretends to be a Monday… oh, what a brutal morning. My lethargic self refused – outright refused – to get out of bed this morning. I took transit in a fog. Arrived at my desk without knowing how. And got some decent news about a deadline that too the pressure off this fake Monday.

So, I thought I’d share a little money saving tip with you! (I know – such a natural segue, from Monday-Tuesday mornings to money…)

Here it is.

Cancel your cable.

(How many of those channels do you watch, anyway?)

And build one of these:

This contraption leans against the wall beside our TV. It’s made with some washers, some wire, some clothes hanger, and a couple specialized connector thingies all stuck to a 2 by 4. I know, it looks crazy and perhaps a little dangerous. But it works! See?

Two and a Half Men!
With this ghetto looking contraption, we pick up CBC (English and French), CityTV, CTV, TVO, Channel 4, Global, and Omni 1. In HD. Considering all the major shows are on those channels, and hockey is on CBC, what more could we need?

(To be fair, I truly love my Netflix subscription.)

The Husband is extremely proud of this antenna, partially because it saves us a good chunk of money every month and partially because it picks up HD channels and is, therefore, all the sweeter. He followed this tutorial. We went from 0 to 8 channels in about half an hour.

I know. He’s pretty impressive.

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