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Valentine’s Day in Review

I know it’s Wednesday, which means it’s supposed to be a soup day. And I did have a soup ready for you, pretty pictures and all, and then I decided it really wasn’t that great and, therefore, there was no way I was going to share and recommend that you make it.

Also, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. How can I ignore Valentines day?

I stepped into a cleaned, candlelit house after a stressful day at work and was greeted by the perfect tulip rose bouquet* and a glass of wine.

Then, I made this:

Image and recipe here! Seriously. Make this.

And the husband made some heart shaped cookies.

We sat at our kitchen table with a bottle of wine we bought almost 8 months ago in San Francisco** and we talked and talked and ate, and chatted and snuck Mocha scraps*** and whiled the evening away together.


* Our wedding flower was a tulip. My bouquet was a beautiful mix of tulips and roses and daisies. I love tulips. Our wallet thanks me.

** That is not to say that we haven’t had wine in 8 months. Rather, we quite enjoy our wine on a semi-regular basis. This wine, however, we’d been saving for a special occasion. I guess it took us 8 months to find a special occasion. (I was starting to worry it would go sour on us… it did not!)

*** In her bowl, of course. We learned the hard way that “accidentally” letting food fall on the floor for her to eat is just as bad as slipping her little bits from your fingers without making her do a trick first.

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