brass · thrifting

Hello Monday.

200th post!

Wow. 😮

That’s all I have to say about that.

I spent the weekend with about 60 fellow youth leaders, youth workers, and youth pastors being refilled and encouraged in our work with our churches’ youth. I’m not entirely sure the weekend fulfilled its purpose in me, but it was worth it none-the-less.

Except for this cold I brought home with me.

On Thursday, I popped by the little thrift store down my street, just for a peek. A collection of almost-new-looking boots in the window drew me in. Too bad for me, they were half a size too small, so I left them all behind and slipped downstairs to check out the furniture and household section.

I came home with this:

Our cacti are grateful. 

It’s a little beat up, but it does its job well, as long as it doesn’t get too filled. Should I polish it or leave the patina as it is? Seeing it on our little dresser, I wish I’d picked up some of the other brass pots in the thrift store collection. I may have to go back for them. The brass brings this delightful bit of warmth into our home, warmth and comfort in this weird, metallic sort of way. Especially in combination with the green of our plants.

Too bad a little bit of prettiness can’t cure a sore throat or sooth a painful cough…

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