Things for Thursday

Three Things This Thursday

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Has it? For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Three Things This Thursday is my chance to blab about what I’m thinking about these days in terms of our home, my life, our plans, anything.


Reading. Since I bought my Kobo at the beginning of January, I’ve been doing a steady amount of reading. This isn’t unusual. After all, I’ve got an hour and a half commute twice a day, every day. Books save my sanity. I took a trip through an old favourite, The Princess and the Goblins (which I read in grade 6 and had no idea that it was actually written ages ago and is now public domain), plowed through Uncle Tom’s Cabin, skimmed through the first few chapters of Little Women, and then got my library card sorted out and jumped on to American Rust by Phillip Meyer (so good!).

Since I’ve been doing a lot of reading, lately, I’ve been drawn to these kind of spaces a lot:

A chair to curl up in with my toes against one arm rest and my elbow on the other, a cup of tea close at hand and plenty of well directed light to read by. Oh, I love it.

I found an amazing pair of boots at Winners for cheapcheap last week and I now I can’t stop thinking about shoes. I’m a shoe person. I loooove shoes. Unfortunately, my shoe collection has taken a serious beating over the past couple years since a certain Chew-Monster came into our lives. The only surviving high heels are the ones in my small collection of shoes that I keep at work, basic black, white and brown shoes. Even my red wedding shoes took a beating under the vicious teeth of our puppy. 
(I almost cried.)
Now that Mocha is a little older and little less prone to destroying my shoes (I hope) and now that I am a better trained owner, hyper-aware of her little teeth and the location of my prettiest shoes, I feel it safe to start rebuilding my collection. Of course, that means some proper shoe storage. Right now, all I’ve got is a cheap shoe rack in my closet on which my high heels don’t even fit. I think something like this would be far more suitable:
Though, perhaps with glass doors… Those teeth still love to chew…

Last week, in the same way that these canisters came into my life, a small decorative plate found its way into our kitchen. It’s so pretty and I’d love to keep it, but we’ve got a beautiful matching set of plates and I’m not a huge fan of the mismatched look. I lived with mismatched plates for 5 years of university – I don’t need to do it anymore. But this plate is just to0 pretty to give the boot.
So, it sits on my counter.
But, perhaps it should sit on my wall instead! 
I know, it’s trendy. But I like the look. It reminds me of my grandmother’s house and my mom’s house. Both had old plates, perhaps from Holland, on the walls, not in a cluster like this, maybe, but on the walls none-the-less. I just have to learn to hang plates, find a few more (thrift stores, here I come) and decide where to hang them. Beside our dishes shelf perhaps? Or on both sides of the kitchen window?
What are you thinking about these days?
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