Monday, January 9, 2012

The story of a table: A lot of sanding, a little paint, a touch of stain

The idea was mine, but this one was all the Husband's project. I had not a hand in it. I didn't even help with a single rub with sandpaper or swipe with the paint brush. This one is all him.

Except for the idea. I can lay claim to that. To say what I was inspired by is difficult. Did I encounter this style at some point in my childhood? Is it the memory of my sister-in-law's table resurfacing? Did I absorb the style from the hours and hours I've spent wandering 'round the maze of Pinterest? Or is it just one of those common-knowledge things?

Either way, under my direction, the Husband pulled this off.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Of course, you need a refresher. This is what our dining table used to look like.

Simple, natural, pale wood. When we first saw it at the Sears outlet, I envisioned exactly what the Husband turned it into. Gorgeous dark wood, contrasted sharply by the white legs that allow the detailing to shine.

He chose the perfect stain - Chocolate, I believe it was called - that doesn't quite match the seats of our white chairs. They're a little redder. But, surprisingly, together, the difference is negligible, hardly noticeably. In fact, I think the greyer tone of the table top makes the chairs appear a touch less red. 

I couldn't resist setting the table, even though we had no reason to. Our white dishes look beautiful against the natural grain of the wood. 

Of course, we're not quite done, but the Husband is already well on his way to getting another part of this project out of the way.

The smaller set of chairs needs to match. The Husband is grateful that we're painting the spindles instead of staining them, but none-the-less, this step in the project will be a big one. Last night, as we 'watched' (ie, listened, since we were both so absorbed in our individual projects) Predator and Team America, he pulled out the sand paper and started at it.

Our home feels good with the 'new' table. Warmer, more tied together, I think.

Our favourite part of the table? The Husband and I would likely agree... we love the shine! Varathane is an amazing thing. 

Who wants a tutorial? Anyone can do this, to any table, believe me! I'm sure I can pull a how-to out of my sleeve and my Husband's mind. Come back tomorrow to see how he pulled this off.

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  1. It looks great! I love how shiny the top is!

    Also, super awesome idea to knit little feet for the bottom of the chairs. I need to do that!

  2. It looks beautiful! I'm so glad you decided to do this - you two make a great team ;)

  3. I do too!

    I have a little tutorial around here somewhere for those things...

    Super easy to make if you can crochet!

  4. Your table looks incredible. We have been meaning to do the same with our table, but are waiting for warmer months to start it. The varathane on top looks stunning. Can't wait to hear how you guys did that and which product you used.

  5. Thanks Beatrice! I've picked the Husband's brain and I'm all set to share the details of how tomorrow. It was a bit time consuming, but not that hard!

    Especially for me. Since I... you know... didn't do anything...

  6. I'll definitely be back tomorrow - because I'm sure my husband needs to learn how to do this. (evil grin) It's absolutely beautiful! Love the color and shine. And those little chair booties are the cutest things ever!!

  7. oh yeahhhhh that shine is great! do you randomly walk by it and feel it up? i know i would, i love the feel of glossy goodness! this turned out amazing you guys! we have a dining table project we're can't wait to tackle in the spring!

  8. Haha! Sometimes!

    Can't wait to see your dining table project! Waiting 'til it's warm and sunny enough to do things like this outside is definitely a good idea... but it's not impossible to tackle them now!