Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lentil Soup and Fresh Oatmeal Bread

In order to celebrate the new table, I made soup.

And bread. (Which was, of course, the best part.)

It was a pretty tasty soup. But, I tend to think that soup is pretty much always tasty.

(Unless it's just hot water mascarading as soup. Then it's not tasty, nor soup at all.)

So, I was taking pictures of my lentil soup and thinking about how much I like soup when I thought:

I should learn how to make more soups.

This particular soup came out of the Joy of Cooking. If you don't know what the Joy of Cooking is, you should probably go out, spend the big money ($40, regular price), and buy it. Unless your kitchen is a show kitchen. In which case, keep your money. If you cook, however, the Joy of Cooking is the number one reference cook book in existence.

(No one has paid me to say it.)

To summarize, I was thinking about how I should learn how to make more soups and The Joy of Cooking, which could totally teach me how to make more soups.

So, call this a new years resolution if you like. This winter, it is my goal to cook through Irma's section on soups. This means I'm actually going to make my own broths, I'm going to teach myself a consomme and, from there... well, onward. Wish me luck!

Is it possible that I like soup a little too much?


  1. Mmmmmm... not possible to like soup too much. Especially at this time of year. By the way, can I come for dinner?

  2. I have a zillion soups pinned on my food board, with intentions of trying all of them. You'll have to share if you find any you really really love!

  3. Definitely! My goal in this is to learn some new techniques. When I learned how to make a roux, it revolutionized my soup making. I'm hoping I'll discover something else just like that. And, perhaps, my new favourite soup recipe! :)

  4. Of course you can come for dinner! Our door is always open to dinner guests, even those we've only met online! :)

  5. Your lentil soup looks fantastic! We should compare recipes sometime.

  6. That looks so tasty! I love your table runner and casual table setting, too.

  7. "Is it possible that I like soup a little too much?" - I think so too=) But don't worry, I'm a soup lover myself.
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