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The Psalm Project

Have you ever heard of the Genevan Psalms? They’re an ancient part of my denominational tradition, a part that is slowly being left behind as the church changes and music styles modernize. But, this weekend, I sat in the sanctuary of one of those too-huge-for-comfort churches and found a new appreciation for old music. 

The Psalm Project is a group of musicians from the Netherlands who are rearranging the old Genevan tunes to find a place for them in the 21st century. My church’s worship director met the whole group last year at the Worship Symposium and, over the past six months or so, has been working with them to arrange a Toronto leg of their tour. Saturday, the Husband and I picked up one lone interested kid from the youth group and headed to Mississauga for the show. 
And were promptly blown away. 
I’ve known about the project for a while, and have been listening to their CD for a number of months now, but even so, I don’t think I was prepared for the strength of the music. It was so intricate, so full, so peaceful, so simple and melodic. 
If you’re in around the Ancaster, London, Grand Rapids, or Chicago areas, I would definitely recommend checking these guys out when they come ’round to your city. There’s no prerequisite of belief or denomination: we can all enjoy beautiful music, right? The show is free (though they do request a free-will offering – the 9 musicians do have to eat, after all!) and it’s an hour and half of pure, musical bliss.
(No one has paid me to promote this group and my opinion is my own, but I will admit that I am on the committee that organized the Toronto/Mississauga part of their tour. Not that I did much. Or anything for that matter. Or even met them after the shows. Yes, shows! After the Saturday show, they came to our church to help lead worship. I’ve been overloaded with beautiful music this weekend.)
Mmm… good weekend.
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