Censoring the Internet

Is there any part of the world’s population that’s on board with this?

Next week, the government of our neighbours to the south will be voting on two acts. It is my understanding that PIPA and SOPA are great in theory – protect copyright, yay! – but restrictive and crippling in practice. There’s plenty to learn about it here. I encourage you to read up on it a bit. Part of protest is spreading awareness, right?

What do you guys think of this bill? In order to support the protest of Wikipedia, WordPress, etc., in lieu of a post about bar stools, I’d love to get a conversation going about it for greater understanding of the issues, the consequences, the positives, the negatives.

Should we, as bloggers, even care?

(WordPress thinks so.)

0 thoughts on “Censoring the Internet

  1. Like most copyright laws/initiatives in recent history, this will only serve to hurt the people who are doing nothing wrong. Things like SOPA, DRM, and other anti-piracy measures that companies take, prevent honest users from accessing their information (often information that they have already paid for, like books or movies), while presenting a minor bump in the road for those who are intent on cracking it. Honest users are often driven to piracy in order to access the information that they legitimately own because of these draconian anti-piracy measures.

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