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It’s a closet!

Our house had one closet in it when we bought it. That it even had one is a lucky surprise: most old homes were built without. From a design perspective, I can understand how this makes sense. No closets allows the owner of the space to get creative with a gorgeous armoire and heavily detailed dressers. No closets, however, limits organization. 

When you live in a small space, organization is absolutely crucial. 
So, our house had one closet in it. This is what it looked like:
I know. Awkward.
This closet is in our back entryway. If you were to really stretch the definition, you could almost call this a ‘walk-in’ closet. It consisted of one rod, running from back to front with a shelf above it that turns to run along the back wall over some hooks. Because the stairs for the basement run beneath it, the floor is only flat for about 3/4 of a foot and then angles up at the same pitch of the stairs.
Did I mention awkward?
Also, did I mention the mess? Or, can you see that?
At my request, the Husband and a friend made the whole thing over. 
They ripped out the awkward wall that held the rod up and installed a row of shelves instead. Since we lost the rod, they re-attached the hooks to the wall. Eventually, they’ll patch the hole from the old light switch and paint the shelves. 
But for now, I’m enjoying some semblance of organization, even if it’s not yet complete.
It’s a mudroom closet. It doesn’t have to be pretty, right?
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