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Three Things This Thursday


So many of you noticed my chair booties on Monday and Tuesday when I shared my ‘new’ kitchen table.

These protect our floors beautifully, far better than the felt pads that would occasionally fall off. Of course, these aren’t perfect either. They draw little puppy teeth every so often and the string doesn’t hold them up quite as well as I’d like – elastic would work a lot better. But when these little things are on my chairs, I have no qualms whatsoever about sliding them all over our bamboo floors.

Want to make them? I made a tutorial a few months back. You can find it here.


Last week, Kobos were on sale! And, guess what… I bought one!

Believe it or not, spending the $140 for this little piece of technology and a pretty (coral) cover for it is actually going save me money. See, I’m great at borrowing books from the library because I don’t like to spend money on them. However, I’m terrible at returning them. My library account has been frozen more than once due to fines I forget to pay. I love libraries and I don’t mind supporting them through those fines, but I’d much rather keep my free service free. On top of all that, I love the convenience of having a shelf of books always available to me, even on the deadest part of the subway system.
So, I have lots of reading to do! What do you recommend?
Remember our brass mirror?
I’ve been moving it around a bit, trying to find the best possible place for it. It’s kind of fun trying it on different walls, matched with different bits of furniture and different extras. It will probably move a few more times before it finds its permanent place. If you owned this mirror, where would you put it? What would you match it with?

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