Three Things This Thursday

Tomorrow is Friday, which means I have very nearly survived my first week back at work after my delightful 10 day vacation. I’m all back in the working groove, which mostly means I’m just really looking forward to the weekend and a chance to sleep in again.


I have to admit, I don’t get stuffed peppers. A couple girlfriends and I had a conversation about them over tea in a supercute tea shop on Queen Street last weekend. Even the shop owner weighed in with his two cents: “Stuffed peppers are awesome.” Inspired and intrigued – since I’d never actually consumed stuffed peppers myself – and excited to break out the brand new freakishly sharp knife the husband gave me for Christmas, I popped the top off a couple orange peppers and stuffed them full of quinoa-and-ground-turkey goodness.

And, here’s the the thing: I loved it, but I could really have done without the pepper.

Don’t get me wrong. I love peppers. But in the end, it just got in the way of the delicious stuffing inside. Does this mean I am denied good cook status? Thankfully, stuffed mushrooms have already stolen a safe place in my heart, so I haven’t dismissed the the concept of stuffing veggies itself. Perhaps I’ll try tomatoes.

But you won’t likely find me stuffing a pepper again.

(If you want to, you can find the recipe I used here @ Dinner or Desserts!)


I never would have thought I’d say this, but I love country kitchens. That’s probably how we ended up with an all white kitchen. Come back tomorrow, I think, and you’ll find out why, exactly, I’m loving this inspiration photo right now. We’ve been busy!

(Hint: I may have gotten a little high from the varathane fumes in our house last night.)


I’m sure you noticed in my last post that our duvet is all wrong for our room. There’s a few other things that are wrong, but at the moment, this is the most easily changed.

However, we have a little problem.

She’s fuzzy. She’s cute. She’ll lick your face and wiggle her butt in joy at you. Her favourite things are long walks, the dog park, her blue squeaky toy, cardboard, and fabric.

Yup. Fabric.

We don’t have a single sheet, a single afghan, a single sleeping bag without a hole in it. She’s started pulling the stuffing out of our duvet. We spent $25 on sheets at the Home Show a couple months ago, slept delightfully in them for 2 days, and then woke up on the third morning to her teeth gnawing away on the smooth grey fabric.

She’s a tyrant.

How can we justify buying a new duvet cover when her method of welcoming it home involves teeth and the biggest hole she can manage before we stop her?

We can’t.

I know that some of my readers are dog people. Do you have this problem? How do you save your stuff from the non-human creature you love the most?

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  1. You stole my thoughts about the weekend and sleeping in! C'mon weekend! Get here soon!

    Also, I agree about the stuffed peppers. Love the stuffing….can do without the pepper!

    As for the whole doggie situation, our fur-man likes to suck on blankets. I blame the fact that he was taken from his Momma too young on this problem-o. It took a lot of "Mason, NO!" to get him to stop sucking on our blankets (towels, duvets, comforters, throws, pillows…..oy…..), but we were able to get him to stop. It took awhile….and like I said, a lot of NO!….but he stopped. For us, we found that having other toys around for him to play with helped. Seemed to divert his attention away from our linens!

    Hope the rest of the week flies by for you!
    Michelle (@The236)

  2. Oh good! There's someone else who feels the same way about stuffed peppers I do! I was a little worried it was just me and my country girl (read hick town) taste buds.

    Unfortunately, half the time, Mocha eats the blankets and sheets at night, while we're sleeping. Sometimes, I wish dogs had just a little more memory so you could scold them for things they've done in the past. Having plenty of toys for her does seem to help, but occasionally, they've just made it worse. If they get caught underneath a fold and she can't get them out, she'll chew them to freedom!

    I think we'll go new-duvet-cover-less for a while anyway… she'll grow out of it one day, right?

  3. Oh man. Shalai has torn apart countless dog beds, but fortunately she leaves all of our fabrics alone. She somehow determines that she can only destroy things that are hers. We're not sure how that happened but we're really thankful!! I love the duvet in your photo. Hope you can find a solution!! Sorry I was no help.

  4. Your timing could not be more perfect as we just had another casualty at our house. I have no idea what to do! We banished him to the kennel during the day, which I hate for him. And the only suggestion I've gotten is to use that "bitter bite" stuff. It's a spray that tastes bad so they won't chew your stuff. But am I supposed to spray that on every single thing I own?? Bah.

  5. My big thing with stuffed peppers is that I never cook the peppers themselves as long as any recipe calls for. They get soft, mushy and not very palatable. I usually prepare the filling for stuffed peppers first (fully cooked) and then pop them into my convection oven for 10 minutes so the peppers are hot, but still firm and crisp. Way better that way.

    As for the chewing.. well, we banished our lab from the bedroom because of her tendancy to gnaw on things that don't belong to her. It seems to have worked (so far) as my husband woke to find her sitting patiently in our room the other night, rather than terrorizing our slippers like she usually does.

    Can't wait to see what the verathane fumes will bring 🙂

  6. Our house is divided up by gates to separate "Kona space" from everything else and we really limit what goes into her space. That didn't stop her from chewing holes in all the towels and blankets we used to line her crate. Our one success so far has been with her dog bed – the first time we gave it to her she destroyed the zipper. After repairing it, we gradually introduced it to her. The moment she started chewing on it we would tell her "bad puppy" and take it away. it seems to have worked – the dog bed now has a permanent home in our family room and the zipper is intact!

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