I am so fickle

Just two months ago, I couldn’t look at anything that wasn’t somehow related to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, gardens. Decor, decor, decor filled my every spare thought. I riffled through inspiring blog posts and photos at an alarming rate, saving image after image of spaces I find beautiful that somehow also fit in with the paradigm of our home.

I scoured the web for ideas I didn’t put into action, spent hours dreaming about spaces I will likely never own, imagining rooms that take so much time and care to curate, both of which I seem to lack. I hold no illusions about my identity as a decorator: I have not the knowledge nor the determination to create these spaces. 
I love my home, but I have no illusions about my own talents to keep it. Even if I could curate such a beautiful space, I could never keep looking so beautiful and serene. I’m a clutterer, an avoider of housework, a leave-the-dishes-until-I-can’t-find-the-counter-er. 
All of this is evidence of our priorities: we’d much rather spend the evening cooking, getting a little exercise, and snuggling up on the couch with a good movie than hanging curtain rods and rearranging our furniture. We’d much rather spend our money on dinner out or squirreled away in our bank accounts than on new rugs, art, and bedspreads. But sometimes, I wish I could just change those priorities overnight. I wish I could wake up one morning with boundless amounts of energy as one of those super-women who work all day, hit the gym for an hour, make a delicious meal for their perfect families, and then spend the whole evening hanging art on gallery walls, reupholstering a club chair within a decent amount of time, and scrubbing every inch of their home from top to bottom before going to bed at night. 
Yeah, not gonna happen. The more I realize this, the less interest I have in all the pretty pictures and unattainable spaces. We have a comfortable home, a space that makes me happy, a space filled with love, puppy cuddles, and kitty kisses, a space that welcomes friends and opens the door to family. What more is needed?
Is this waxing and waning of interests a common thing? I’m sure I’m not the only one who dives headlong into something intensely for months and then drifts off to something new. And, I’m sure I’m not done with this whole home decor thing: I still have so many projects I want to do, after all! But, for now, I’m not going to worry to much that my interests are a little adrift.
And this blog? Don’t worry — I’m still here.
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