Three Things This Thursday

It’s been a rough week.

In fact, it’s been a rough day. It’s only lunch time and already I feel like I’ve run a mile trying to fix a series of little mistakes. Already I feel just a little bit like a failure.

The fiasco of the morning aside, what have I been thinking about this week?


Pekoe. Obviously. He’s still not home. When I took him in to the vet on Tuesday they suggested an overnight stay before they drained his abscess to ensure he had fasted properly before they put him under. When they called the Husband last night, they said it was still draining and making a big mess, so they suggested a second stay, just so we didn’t have to deal with the mess.

The Riverdale Animal Hospital has been good, really; these overnight stays have been completely free of charge, which is somewhat unusual for vet clinics, according to my coworkers. I’m grateful, but really, I just want my Pekoe back.

In the same vein, I’ve been thinking about how my relationship with vets and, in even more ways, our pets, has changed. Growing up on the farm, visits from the vet were frequent. He came by to check out the pregnant cows, treat downed cows, pull stubborn calves, etc. etc. Our pets received some health care on the side; we even made sure to deworm and deflea our barn cats. But never, never had the vet bill for our pet care come anywhere close to the $900 I dropped for the abscess on Pekoe’s back.

The money’s not the big change though. Rather, it’s the difference in the way city people view our pets and us, as pet owners. In many ways, I feel like an irresponsible pet owner when I tell the vet that, yes, Pekoe goes outside, oh, and, by the way, he has no front claws. No, despite your suggestion, I’m not going to confine him indoors in our 600 square feet of space when I know how much he loves frolicking in our backyard. And no, I don’t want that blood work; I love him, but he’s a cat – if he’s going to die of a blood disease that could have been caught through some blood work and then treated with expensive procedures and medications, so be it.

Does the fact that we view our cat as a cat and not a baby make us irresponsible pet owners?

Two and Three

In reality, Pekoe is pretty much the only thing I’ve thought about all week. Making up a Two and a Three would just be a big lie.

So, go give your kitties and your puppies, and your birds, and your goldfish a great big kiss (or a hug if you’re squeamish about kissing your pets), tell them they’re your favourite pets, and love on them while you can.

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  1. Oh Nette! I feel for you and your sweet kitty. We've been through the vet expense thing too, with our first golden retriever to the tune of more than $2000. It's an impossible decision to make and the expense is just so unreasonable. I hope Pekoe is feeling better and that he comes home soon.

  2. Best of luck to your sweet little boy! To be honest, I'm not a fan of letting animals venture outside unless attended BUT you are taking care of your boy so don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. Letting him suffer alone would be irresponsible. You love and care for him and he is lucky to have you.

  3. I trust the vet… he should be a-ok now! He's a high energy, highly curious kitty who loves his outdoor adventures. And, our vet was right – outdoor cats are more expensive! We would never let him suffer, even if it means dropping a little more money than I'm comfortable with.

  4. It is SUCH a hard decision! I was staring at a quote for half that amount and going crazy with this inner conflict – refusal to pay that much for pet health care, and loving my cat so fiercely, how could I not?

    He's coming home tonight!

  5. I agree with you. I spent summers with my grandparents on their farm. Pets are pets. I'm not testing my cat for everything under the sun. And I'm not squeamish so I'll happily kiss my cat tonight and snuggle. I hope that your fur ball comes home soon.

  6. I'm so thinking of you and sending virtual hugs your way!! My husband and I have had this exact discussion about our pets a couple of times. We love our animals to death, but at the end of the day we do remind ourselves that they are pets, not people. The whole vet thing is also so frustrating – I've often felt pressured to purchase services I'm not interested in and I can't believe how ridiculously expensive their services are in general! We had a vet pressure us to have our cat tested for feline AIDS even though they wouldn't be able to do anything to save him if he tested positive – they wouldn't even be able to tell us when he would get sick. I can only imagine how stressful and upsetting this is for you, husband and kitty 🙁

  7. It was incredibly upsetting yesterday, when I actually had to put down my credit card. It's kind of sickening, having to make the choice between a chunk of our savings and the health of my cat, especially in the face of that veterinarian pressure… The choice itself wasn't that difficult, but dealing with the question that it inevitably brings up is not so fun: how much is too much?

    I can't believe how uninsured people in the States must feel… they'll deal with this kind of struggle tenfold (a hundred fold?) with their own children!

  8. Thinking of you and your kitty! We're with you on the whole pet and vet issue; we love our animals to bits but they are animals. It's a fine line to walk though and a hard one at that. Case in point: our little stray kitten. Does she have the flu? More than likely. Am I taking her to the vet? No, because it's a viral infection and there's nothing they can do about it either. It'll run its course and she'll either recover or not. All I can do (and am doing) is upping her chances by keeping her warm, loved, clean and fed.

  9. I totally agree with you, My husband and I have had the discussion many times about the dog. Please don't miss understand me when I say this but we have a limit…if the vet tells us it’s going to be more than $500.00 and can't guarantee he'll live another 5-10 years we won’t do it. I have had friends have to go bankrupt because they refused to stop. I understand that people included their pets as extensions of the family but there has to be a breaking point. I’ve had a lot of pets growing up and I don’t regret anything I have done in regards to the health and well being of them.
    I hope your kitty is ok and you have many many more years with him. and Happy Holidays :o)

  10. I've been keeping Pekoe in my thoughts all week. Like you, I grew up on a farm and have grown up being taught that animals are animals –sure they are great, lovable companions, but they aren't little people.

    Like others have said, "when is enough enough? when is it too much?" it is a really hard decision to make when the time comes, and everyone else has their own limits; try not to let the vet pressure & outward perceptions of others influence you too much from making the choice that's right for You.

    Hope your kitty comes home without too much shame attached to that cone & has a quick recovery back to pouncing, frolicking health 🙂

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