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Three Things This Thursday

It’s been a rough week.

In fact, it’s been a rough day. It’s only lunch time and already I feel like I’ve run a mile trying to fix a series of little mistakes. Already I feel just a little bit like a failure.

The fiasco of the morning aside, what have I been thinking about this week?


Pekoe. Obviously. He’s still not home. When I took him in to the vet on Tuesday they suggested an overnight stay before they drained his abscess to ensure he had fasted properly before they put him under. When they called the Husband last night, they said it was still draining and making a big mess, so they suggested a second stay, just so we didn’t have to deal with the mess.

The Riverdale Animal Hospital has been good, really; these overnight stays have been completely free of charge, which is somewhat unusual for vet clinics, according to my coworkers. I’m grateful, but really, I just want my Pekoe back.

In the same vein, I’ve been thinking about how my relationship with vets and, in even more ways, our pets, has changed. Growing up on the farm, visits from the vet were frequent. He came by to check out the pregnant cows, treat downed cows, pull stubborn calves, etc. etc. Our pets received some health care on the side; we even made sure to deworm and deflea our barn cats. But never, never had the vet bill for our pet care come anywhere close to the $900 I dropped for the abscess on Pekoe’s back.

The money’s not the big change though. Rather, it’s the difference in the way city people view our pets and us, as pet owners. In many ways, I feel like an irresponsible pet owner when I tell the vet that, yes, Pekoe goes outside, oh, and, by the way, he has no front claws. No, despite your suggestion, I’m not going to confine him indoors in our 600 square feet of space when I know how much he loves frolicking in our backyard. And no, I don’t want that blood work; I love him, but he’s a cat – if he’s going to die of a blood disease that could have been caught through some blood work and then treated with expensive procedures and medications, so be it.

Does the fact that we view our cat as a cat and not a baby make us irresponsible pet owners?

Two and Three

In reality, Pekoe is pretty much the only thing I’ve thought about all week. Making up a Two and a Three would just be a big lie.

So, go give your kitties and your puppies, and your birds, and your goldfish a great big kiss (or a hug if you’re squeamish about kissing your pets), tell them they’re your favourite pets, and love on them while you can.

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