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Laundry Day Musings

Our washer/dryer set is in our living room.

(My grandmother keeps her washer/dryer in her living room/dining room as well. I’m not sure if this is a thing or if it’s something that’s handed down from a grandmother to a granddaughter. Perhaps we are the only two people in this whole wide country that have their washers/dryers in the living room.)

(I doubt it.)

It’s not exactly pretty.

No amount of staging could have made this photo any better.

Eventually, we have a big plan of boxing in a closet and snaking a set of stairs up that wall into the attic. Right now, neither of those things have happened. At the rate we’re going, they’re unlikely to happen until next May, perhaps later. Perhaps never!

A few weeks ago, I had this brilliant idea for a temporary solution, but no time to pull it off. Curtains!

Laundry Closet eclectic closet

I’m not entirely certain how to pull this off for two reasons:

  1. Any curtains I hang would have to wrap around our units. That means your basic curtain rod doesn’t exactly work. I may have to resort to a few hooks and my twine curtain rod method on this.
  2. Since this is a temporary solution, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on appropriate curtains. They need to be heavy to block out the sound and there needs to be enough of them to hide the units while looking luxurious. Heavy curtains + many curtains generally means money.

    We do have a curtain that’s the perfect weight for the job (gifted to us by some members of Mark’s family and readers of this blog!) but not long enough. I’ve thought about attempting to hack them into working for the situation, but that idea, in itself, means the job isn’t getting done.

For now, we watch TV with our washer/dryer. Once the rush of Christmas activities is over, perhaps I’ll be able to figure something out. Until then, any ideas for me? Where do you buy cheap (but heavy!) curtains?
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